After living off the beaten path and away from much of the stimuli of Western civilization for the past 19 years now I live in the mountains of Colorado in the shadow of the Continental Divide. I have a sweetly renovated log cabin that was originally built in 1880. 

Everyday I walk, hike, ride, run or ski my dogs several miles into the wilderness from my front door. In the summer I backpack to treeline most every week where I’ll set up camp, watch the sun go down, get lost in the Milky Way until I fall asleep, to then awake in the morning to alpenglow. In the winter I walk my cross country skis a couple hundred yards to ungroomed trails and disappear for hours, often not returning until the stars are out. Being on the outskirts of mainstream life has been one of the most rewarding choices I have ever made. 

Though I am no longer blogging I remain active in my community - as a concerned citizen, business consultant, founder of a Made-in-Colorado clothing line and gold futures trader.

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