Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Unsafe at Any Dose

by James, Guest Contributor
James keeps a low profile in a small mountain community of Colorado. 

This incredible speed in vaccine development is unprecedented. But it did not compromise the safety of the vaccine or the scientific integrity of the process.” 
--Dr. Anthony Fauci

We are told that the Covid vaccines are safe. . . the full mantra we chant is “Safe and Effective”. . . with presidents, prime ministers, chancellors and health agencies around the world joining in the chorus. 

The mRNA technology has only been in people’s shoulders for 27 months. Prior to the pandemic a vaccine would not have been approved for use without a minimum of five years of testing. We were told urgency was a priority and only six months of data was needed for the FDA to declare the injections safe and be granted Emergency Use Authorization. Approval to inject our children and babies followed a few months later. The FDA, the CDC and the pharmaceutical CEOs all assert the novel mRNA gene therapy is:

-Safe for developing babies during the first trimester of pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
-Safe for people with heart conditions, cancer, diabetes and COPD.
-Safe, and fully effective when combined with flu and RSV vaccines. 
-Safe to be modified and given annually for each new variant. 

The public is being told that most side effects are mild and short lived and that significant injuries are extremely rare. 

Evidence to the contrary mounts. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has linked the mRNA shots with serious conditions such as blood clots, central nervous system disorders, miscarriages and deaths. A 27 January 2023 Pfizer press release acknowledged that the shots are associated with ailments including fevers and headaches, vomiting and diarrhea, severe allergic reactions, pericarditis and myocarditis. Associated with does not prove causality yet the correlation warrants discussion.

All medications have side effects and it is up to the individual to consider the risks versus the benefit. Do the Covid injections provide adequate protection to justify the risk? Have you read about the risks stated in the handout that came with your shots? 

It is commonly accepted that chemotherapy has a host a significant side effects yet many consider its potential benefit to be worth the risk. It is doubtful that many would undergo weeks of chemo to cure acne, halitosis, or foot fungus. Especially when we have numerous effective and less expensive options available.

Why were we led to believe our immune systems would not be an adequate defense against Covid? Throughout 2020 health officials could have educated Americans (and all humans) on strengthening our defenses with a myriad of supplemental immunity boosters. Vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, garlic, selenium, licorice, vitamin B complex, echinacea and numerous mushrooms are known to be effective immune boosters. These supplements can be purchased inexpensively, over-the-counter and are safe for human consumption. 

Additionally quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet and getting a full night’s sleep support healthier immune systems. Yoga, pilates, tai chi or and other cardiovascular activities also improve overall health and vitality. Rarely were these activities promoted in the media. Instead those in charge told us - without proof - that masks, social distancing and lockdown would minimize the spread of Covid. We were coerced into believing the covid vaccines would be necessary to achieve herd level immunity.  There is no data to support this claim yet staying current with all boosters remains the official directive.

Quietly, during the pandemic the FDA altered the definition of vaccine to fit the current shots . Prior to September 2021 a vaccine - by definition - needed to “produce immunity from a specific disease.” Now it need only “stimulate a body’s immune response,” a significantly lesser threshold. 

Concerns pertaining to the merits of the Covid injections grow with each new round of shots. Increased awareness over safety issues as well as newer viral strains being less virulent have led people to question the necessity of receiving the mRNA. Two-thirds of eligible Americans got “fully vaccinated.” The definition of “fully vaccinated” then changed as more boosters were needed to achieve any level of effectiveness. Of those who got the initial two jab series less than half received the first booster, and less than 20% choose the latest bivalent. More tellingly, less than 10% of American parents are choosing to inject their younger children. Still, the FDA just approved a fourth dose to those five and under. 

Millions of vaccine vials purchased by our government now lie unused with the FDA extending their expiration dates by nine to 12 months. Do these formulas remain safe one year after their original expiration dates? Would you trust your local supermarket to do that with your grocery items?

Missing from public discourse is why the pharmaceutical companies were granted immunity from product liability. 

During the 1970s Big Pharma was inundated with lawsuits over injuries caused by vaccines. When the Swine Flu arrived in 1976, the industry demanded vaccine indemnity prior to production. Permanent immunity was subsequently granted with the passage of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) and signed into law by Ronald Reagan. The passage of this legislation coincides with Anthony Fauci’s early days as head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). In simple language pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for vaccine damages. Every new vaccine is safe by fiat. 

Legislation indemnifying vaccine manufacturers from liability is common knowledge in pharmaceutical boardrooms while rarely mentioned in the media. As a business model this legal protection has proven to be a great motivator for innovation. Vaccine production has flourished since the passage of NCVIA. The CDC now recommends 25 shots administered by a baby’s second birthday. The first vaccine given on the day of birth and up to five vaccines given in a single pediatrician visit. 

In 2020 we were scared. The media amplified the fear. People were dying and many became near-fatally sick. The red on the covid maps spread to every state. Hospital beds were over full and we had a severe shortage of respirators. This had a chilling effect. We were offered a single narrative - do nothing and wait for the vaccine.

Yet the mantra of yesteryear no longer rings true.

Effective? Despite the hundreds of millions of shots administered the virus remains undefeated. One, two, three, four, five jabs and people are still getting Covid. Vaxxed or unvaxxed, this bug is infecting most everyone. 

Safe? Tylenol was pulled from the selves after seven deaths. The Ford Pinto was recalled after 27 deaths. Production of the swine flew vaccine was halted after 50 deaths. The CDC’s own website now admits 19,476 American deaths from this vaccine, so far.

The time has come for the mRNA injections to be declared unsafe.  

PS. I invite you to read this peer-reviewed study published in “The Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology” in September of 2022. 


  1. Do nothing and wait for the vaccine. This was the ONLY way. And if you didn't get the shots you were condemned and ostracized. This was the script that Woody Harrelson turned down. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/JlO7eIk-vcM

  2. The truth is right before everyone’s eyes. A vaccine is supposed to provide immunity. These shots don’t do that!
    The shots are pharmaceutical profit cash cows. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Even A. Fauci who must have said you won’t get sick if you get jabbed more than one thousand times got the Vid twice.
    Open your eyes people!

  3. There used to be a time, not too long ago, when most of the people is the US had a great distrust of big pharma. Yet the media told people to be scared. Suddenly, people lost their ability to think rationally and ran to big pharma as their savior.
    Good article, and good point that we’re only at 27 months in with the jabs. How will history remember those who drank (injected) the kool aid?

  4. Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813): “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others.”

  5. Health wellness and well-being are about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It has never come in the form of a pill or a vaccine.
    True in the beginning there was so much fear. Laid out in front of us. Now it has become clear.
    The vaccines provide very little short term if any benefit. Yet statistics are showing mounting numbers of injuries and deaths after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, all cause US mortality was up by 30% in 2022. Not caused by COVID-19. This occurred in the healthiest population. This is what we should be looking into an investigating why.
    When the one and only narrative is the same everywhere, we should be scratching our heads and asking why as well. Well done for putting the question out there.

  6. Many I know pride themselves believing they stay well informed by reading/watching/listening to the NYT, WaPo, BBC, NPR. Yet not one of them is aware of this Pfizer exec’s testimony to the Danish Parliament: Pfizer did not know whether Covid vaccine stopped transmission before rollout - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnxlxzxoZx0

  7. I did a deep investigative dive into CvD and the "shots" and every point James has written here is true. I'll add to this story. Early treatment that many doctors were having great success with around the world to treat symptoms and prevent the virus from becoming a serious health issue, ie; Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, were suddenly villainized and became impossible to get. Doctors were threatened with disciplinary action or loss of their medical licenses to prescribe these drugs that have been used safely for over 60 years. Here's why... you can't have EUA of a new drug if there is an existing drug that is proven to work. Big Pharma wouldn't have been able to make billions from the "shot" without EUA, so they made up lies about the old off patent drugs that could have saved thousands of lives. True story! It was all about the money! The FDA and CDC are in bed with big pharma. We can't trust them to protect the people anymore. These "shots" cause red blood cells to become sticky, which means they agglutinate, stick together instead of free flowing through the blood stream. This causes the oxygen capacity to be greatly reduced, you feel out of breath and it puts a strain on the heart and also reduces the blood's capacity to pick up waste from the cells like C02, to be excreted through the lungs. These "shots" turn the body into a spike protein generating factory and it's the spike protein that causes damage in the lining of blood vessels, the heart, the lungs, kidneys, and other organs. That's why athletes in the prime of their life, are dropping dead on the fields during games. They were mandated to get the "shots" and many had heart damage! Why is the elephant in the room being ignored and not being called out?! This whole thing is a crime against humanity at the highest level!!

  8. I couldn’t believe that the CDC is admitting to 19,476 deaths from the jabs. So I did check out their website. It’s hardly proclaimed in big letters but it is there. WTC deaths was about 3,300 and for that we went to war. How many need to die before we (America, the World) see this crime for what it is. Huge pharma profits, curtailing of constitutional rights, and death. When can I get a sixth shot?

  9. As a non-scientist I can say that the financial incentives embedded in our medical / industrial / pharmaceutical / insurance / military complex reveal the best (ambition) and worst (corruption) of human behavior – this is a profound paradox.

    The important inquiry now is what constitutes an adequate definition of Crimes Against Humanity? Could a worldwide reckless clinical trial fit the definition? There are good reasons European countries ban pharmaceutical advertising! In the EU, drug companies are not allowed to publicly promote prescription-only medicines. As courts also apply a broad interpretation of the term “promotional”, nearly all public statements that mention a prescription drug are likely to be qualified as illegal advertising.

    Adverse drug effects and other medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. This recent Harvard study might open a few minds that find it difficult to accept the blatant corruption in the pharmaceutical industry. https://www.riscassi-davis.com/blog/2022/april/death-from-prescription-drugs/

  10. 1 shot = effective
    2 shots = rather effective
    3 shots = not so effective
    4 shots = not effective
    5 shots = not even remotely effective
    6 shots = are you kidding me?

  11. It sickens me what has gone down with these shots. There are side effects and news of such is being covered up. People's adverse vaxxie stories never make the light of day. I personally know of close to two dozen people who have suffered. While most of their side effects were not severe they were significant enough that every one of these people chose away from getting further jabs. I love when I hear people saying, "I'm done."

    I agree, the time has come for the jabs to be declared unsafe. Thank you.

  12. Your thoughts covey how I have come to view this controversy. Big Pharma has made millions and the virus continues to infect. It can be a difficult task to get people to open their eyes, especially when they are being pounded with a message of fear. Thank you for continuing to be a voice speaking out against the powers.

  13. The left prided themselves on being the critical thinkers while the right rallied behind the former NY real estate developer who has no concept of honesty or dignity. Now it is left who falls for the illusions of their media. The Wuhan Flu is 99.9% survivable, the vaxxies are still experimental, the vaxxies have done NOTHING to put an end to the pandemic, and the best thing thing that can happen to someone is they get Covid and acquire natural immunity which has been the gold standard for immunity since the beginning of time.