Thursday, March 2, 2023

A Dating Conversation in 2023

Recently I connected with a woman via an online dating site. Although we lived more than an hour from one another I found it appealing that she also lived in a rural mountain community. We wrote back and forth on the site and decided to do the old fashioned thing - no emails, no phone calls, no video calls, meet face-to-face, just one person’s presence in front of the other’s and let’s see what happens.

I have done enough online dating over the years to believe our meeting would go well even if sparks went missing. In this woman’s case she was a litigation attorney and articulate. I appreciated the way she spoke to a number of topics. Her pictures conveyed a liveliness and I liked the casual way she dressed. 

It did not escape my attention that she was “vaccinated” because she had the gold badge of honor displayed in the upper right corner of her profile. Again and as have done in the past I questioned how I would feel about dating a vaxxer. My first answer: If I wish for medical freedom and acceptance of my choices then I must be willing to give the same to others. My second answer: It would not be a dealbreaker if a woman came with the injections yet I would prefer to meet someone who had also chosen otherwise. Instilled with my mother’s naturopathic views I believe there was and continues to be a better way than the Pfizer-led narrative.

We made a plan to meet five days out. We picked a coffee shop midway between us. I began to look forward to meeting her. 

When I arrived I walked in to see if she was inside. As I came back out she was walking towards me. She was taller than I had imagined and attractive. She looked like her photographs, which is not always the case with online dating. As we greeted one another I noted her nice, firm handshake. We went inside, ordered tea, made small talk until we had our drinks and then headed back outside.

The conversation was nice yet professional. She had a keen sense of humor which I appreciated. At about five minutes in I suggested we shift the chairs around, get the sun off to her side and for her to take off the sunglasses. She did so and I was able to better connect now that we had eye contact. At about 20 minutes in we began to discuss the pandemic and how it had affected our lives. Then she offered:

WOMAN: “I got my fifth shot a few weeks ago.”

ME: “Oh.”

WOMAN: “Where are you at with your shots?”

ME: “I don’t have shots.”

WOMAN (almost spitting out her tea): “Wait. You’re not vaccinated?!”

ME: “I don’t have any of the Covid injections, if that is what you are referring to.”

WOMAN: “What? Why not? You seem like a super smart man. How could you not have the vaccines?”

I hesitated. I considered excusing myself from the table and leaving, after all she had indirectly just called me stupid. Knowing that she was an attorney I decided to try my case. Working to stay positive I told myself we might each learn something.

ME: “First, let us address the semantics. The injections do not prevent infection or stop transmission. To call them vaccines is a misnomer. More accurately they are gene therapy. Secondly, the injections are a failure. Most everyone I know got jabbed and most all of them got Covid. Similarly, the staunchest mRNA advocates - Joe and Jill Biden, Justin Trudeau, Bourla of Pfizer, Califf of the FDA, Walensky of the CDC - and even Anthony Fauci - have all had Covid, and most have of them have had it twice. And thirdly, still to this day I question the wisdom of putting experimental technology into my body when a person our age (early 60s) has a 99.98+% chance of survival.” 

WOMAN: “You call it experimental technology. You don’t really believe that to be true, do you?”

ME: “Yes. I do. And until we have the benefit of the wisdom of hindsight, which would include a five-year study that will not be published until 2026, I suggest that experimental is the only proper thing to call these things.”

WOMAN: “But the shots lessen the severity of illness. I had Covid last fall and my case was not near as bad as it would have been had I not had the vaccines.”

ME: “How did you measure ‘not near as bad?’ I had Covid in June of last year and my case was mild and I was fully recovered in five days.” 

WOMAN: “Well I still believe the vaccines lessen the severity of infection for a majority of the people.”

ME: “There is not a single study corroborating such a concept. I suggest the same people who said the original shots would prevent infection and stop transmission are the same people who are now selling the notion that the infections are less severe. Should you find such a study will you to send it to me?”

Not suggesting she had evidence she continued. 

WOMAN: “I feel strongly about the importance of being vaccinated.”

ME: “And I feel strongly about the importance of good health, a strong immune system and nutrition to defend against cold germs. In the words of Louis Pasteur, ‘The germ is nothing. The terrain is everything.’”

The quote by the French microbiologist caught the attorney off guard. She hesitated and then pursued a different angle. 

WOMAN: “I likely would not have pursued getting to know you if I knew you had not been vaccinated.”

I thought better than to correct her use of the word vaccinated.

ME: “You would not have pursued me if you had known? Why not?”

WOMAN: “It is because of people like you that this virus was able to spread.”

I took a deep breath. Even Fauci has tacitly admitted that the shots do not prevent transmission.

ME: “If your protection was protecting you it would make no difference if I was jabbed or not. If what you received was a legitimate vaccine then you would be protected even if I had an active case of Covid and we French kissed.”

She smiled. She went to speak yet no words came out. She smiled again, and laughed.

WOMAN: “Well, I would rather have some protection than no protection.”

The attorney was withdrawing her argument.

ME: “It is estimated that nearly 75% of Americans have now had Covid. How is that 62% of Americans got fully vaccinated yet the infection rate is 75%?”

WOMAN: “Well I know that I couldn’t be intimate with you as I would not consider you to be safe.”

ME: “Do you really believe I am unsafe ... or are you acknowledging that you know your protection is not protecting you? 

WOMAN: “I feel better knowing I got vaccinated and am current with all my shots.”

ME: “Ok, yet back to my previous question, do you really believe I am unsafe ... or are you acknowledging that you know your protection is not protecting you?”

WOMAN: “I respect your choice to remain unvaccinated. I have no interest in arguing about the risks or lack of risk by virtue of your choice not to be vaccinated.”

I did not understand her legalese yet chose not to seek clarification. Nor did I feel she respected my choice yet it was time to let it go. I moved to make for a civil ending to our date. We both acknowledged that our differing viewpoints would be an impasse. After a few back and forth platitudes we parted with another firm handshake and an amiable good bye.

I walked back to my car. I was disappointed yet I have become familiar with this conversion. Dating in the age of spike proteins is not what it used to be. Worse, the wreckage of the human relations fallout from the vaccine narrative madness lurks everywhere. Families have been destroyed. Friendships have been vanquished. All because we allowed a less than truthful official story divide us ... and because we allowed wanting to be right be more important than loving.


  1. I like the way you make your numerous points and did not even touch on the biggest elephant in the room - SAFETY. What will happen if it is determined that the Covid vaccines cause significant damages? And that these risks were well-known by the CDC, FDA and big pharma while heavily promoting them. Then what?

  2. I had heard that dating sites were allowing people to show their vax status, yet gold badge of honor is truly funny/tragic. I never imagined the day when people would knowingly allow themselves to become poster children for Big Pharma/Pariah.

    1. Love the imagery of the gold badge! And poster children for big pariah. Who would have wished for such just few years ago?

  3. You’ve certainly pointed out the illogic of those who bought into the masking, distancing, quarantining, vaccinating… and that rarely changes them or their opinion. It’s pretty easy to manipulate people with fear, and once that’s installed not easy to remove. It’s unconscious and they are afraid of letting go of the false beliefs because the fear (now unconscious negative hallucination) is driving them.

    While your conversation (writing) clearly demonstrates the falseness and illogic of the woman’s point of view (which is pretty represented of those who drank the kool aid) nothing changed. The right/wrong, argumentative polarization that we’ve witnessed only grows stronger. What can change this? Constant putting out information/date, not opinion and rightness. How long will that take? It will go in waves and take as long as it takes.

    And, you would have only be asking for trouble if you dated her, or hired her as a lawyer.

  4. How many people do you recall getting breakthrough infections of Polio? Or even getting milder polio symptoms after being vaccinated? 2021 is the year that will long be remembered as the year of the Covid vaccine. Remarkable because that was the year we had more deaths from Covid than the prior year without vaccines.

    1. You may want to research your statement. There was Cutter labs whose vaccine caused 40,000 cases of polio. The Polio vaccine comes in 2 versions. A dead vaccine that is injected and the live vaccine which is the oral Polio that everyone is familiar with. Yes the live vaccine does produce a small percentage of cases of polio in the patients.

  5. Sounds as if the attorney has not done all of her homework. Isn't fact and info gathering, substantiated or not, intrinsic to her job? Her loss!

  6. I appreciated your sound reasoning and seemingly dispassionate arguments. Her responses were circuitous at best. It’s so sad for me to experience how the COVID narrative has separated us when all any of us want is just to connect and feel freedom in our lives. Wishing you all the best in your search.

  7. I'm sorry the date didn't go as planned but can appreciate your viewpoint. Dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic pushed a lot of us, myself included, to believe that the vaccine was the right thing to do. I only had one round and got Covid twice. I am not as concerned with who was and wasn't vaccinated as it is a choice and like politics, who gives a sh*#!.

  8. Me thinks you dodged a bullet with the attorney.

  9. Me Me Me We didn't know whether the vaxcine would work or not but for the sake of everyones well being , since people were dying in the beginning at an alarming rate ( which over time subsided with the help of masking, vaccinations, and lessened exposure) chose to take the risk of being vaccinated in the hope that we could save our older folks and weaker members of our society. It worked. The rates went down down down and the severity of those who got cover went down to almost nothing compared with horrible outcomes in the beginning. Freedom Freedom Fweedon. Freedom to be self absorbed , selfish cry babies, who only care about yourselves is all I see. And P.S. To not acknowledge in the beginning to your date ( knowing that she was a vaxxer and obviously that was important to her) that you were not vaccinated shows again your lack of character and integrity . Go puff your self up about how intelligent you are.

    1. Wow Anonymous, obviously Mr. Hamburger stuck a chord for if he was out to lunch you would not have wasted your time with such a anger-filled comment. Many people not blindly marching to the Pfizer agenda did so for any number of reasons. Panic and fear does not mean there was a correct answer. Take a deep breath. Choose love not hate.

    2. Not long ago there was a dramatic headline, "We just passed the one million covid death mark in the US..." Sounds horrible, frightening, terrifying. I then divided 1,000,000 by 330,000,000 (US population) and got .003. Hmmm...

    3. Anonymous, If the vax was so important to this woman, she could have simply asked before their meeting. Afterall, Mr Hamburger didn't sport the gold badge on his listing. So how is that dishonest? She assumed that he had the vax since she perceived him to be "smart' and only "smart" people get the vax :-)
      Sounds like you may be suffering from covid vax regret, a growing issue all over the world, now that the truth is out about it's actual safety and efficacy. We have to look at excess, all cause mortality, comparing the most vaxxed countries (western world) to the least vaxxed countries such as Africa. Least vaxxed countries win by a long shot and the vax was the main factor, plus the wide use of safe medications such as Ivermectin.
      At the beginning of this, everyone had to weigh the risks make the best choice for themselves. I respect that choice one way of the other, but I do feel terrible for those many people that were forced into it through an employer and ended up becoming severely injured or dying.

  10. If black and white, poor and rich, liberal and conservative was not enough now we have jabbed and unjabbed. Wake up world!

  11. And one more thing, Your action shows that You "wanted to be right more than to be loving "

  12. WOW! Good job relating your beliefs to an atty who was believing something put out by the “news.”

  13. My policy is flatass refusing to date vaxxed people, not because of health issues regarding their shot status, yet simply because I don’t like being around stupid people.

  14. I remember the day when my liberal friends would lament how they could not reason with Trump supporters. Now the liberal vaxxers are just as close minded, completely unable to see how the vaxx narrative is bogus.

  15. I think the discussion about where we get our information is an important one. Is this article news, since it's a published piece? Does it send its voice into the void of the giant talking head chimera of human insanity, misunderstanding, misinformation monster that we are so skilled at manifesting as one of our greatest creations ( and I mean great as in size not magnificence). Is it possible that some "news" sources get their information from people who are in the labs and hospitals and first responder positions who are witnessing in real time events as they are transpiring?
    Even if your terrain is healthy, you may still want to know what's in the water you're drinking and the food you're eating and the air you're breathing. For a long time ulcers were believed to be caused by stress until people who study these things by long rigorous testing that has to be reproducible to be considered conclusive, realized that most ulcers are caused by a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. Anyone struggling with ulcers who were lucky enough to have this information were able to kill the bacteria and heal their ulcers with either antibiotics or a non-pharmaceutical solution such as mastic gum, but they had to get rid of the bacteria for the "terrain" to be healthy enough for the lesions to heal.
    So a novel virus was working its way through the world and pre vaccine, the first waves of those infected were dying in such massive numbers that the hospitals in the worst hit regions were like war zones where more people were dying than they had storage for, so they started storing the bodies in refrigerated trucks. Entire chains of systems were unprepared for the numbers of humans who were sick and dying from this virus who's spread and pathologies were still unknown. And then they introduced the first mRNA vaccine specifically for COVID-19), which didn't stop people from getting infected all together, but gave our immune systems a blueprint of the spike proteins that covered the COVID-19 virus, so that our immune systems would be able to detect the virus earlier and mount a quicker response.
    ( mRNA vaccines have a history starting in the early 1960's. )
    And all of the sudden the numbers of people being hospitalized and dying dropped significantly.
    So people were still contracting the virus, but their immune systems were able to limit the viral load before it proliferated so massively that the immune system could not handle it and it made its way into the lungs and the cardiovascular system and passed the blood brain barrier. Such a crazy virus creating so much havoc in the body.
    So then we had a vaccine and all of the sudden the numbers of people being hospitalized and dying dropped dramatically. Data that was verifiable by those who actually work in industries that were dealing with consequences of the virus's tearing through.
    We still don't know the long term effects of the vaccines or the virus, but we found ourselves in a situation that effected populations of the entire world and we did our absolute best. Will we seem like lunatics in retrospect? I think so, but maybe not for the reasons that I think at this space in time. As humans our insanity is our ability to create so much drama and illusion and full on realities that are very un-real.
    In regards to this particular article, I find it implausible that the author would remember and entire conversation verbatim unless he was recording it (which would be a breach of trust) so I'm left with the quote that my mother often told me, to paraphrase " There are 3 sides to every story, what you said happened, what I said happened and what really happened".

  16. Never were the humans on earth told the vaccines are experimental and that there was no long term safety data. Doing so would have been the only truthful statement the industry could have put forth. Yet this has been a story about profits, safety be damned.

  17. You handled that conversation quite well. Thank you for sharing. It's a good example of how to be honest and respectful.

  18. Oh gosh Hamburger that was pretty hilarious and sadly accurate. 5 jabs is astonishing. I wouldn't go near as she is a spike protein factory and well programmed in the pharma cartel's propaganda. I ask status straight up before ever meeting. Time is precious. Good luck all. (-:

  19. I knew there was a reason I liked you!! Fully unvaccinated here. My natural immunity system works just fine. Almost two years in and I finally caught covid. Three days of feeling crappy and 2 days to recuperate. As I told my fully vaccinated sister, I didn't die or come close. Plandemic.

  20. How many vaxxers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    Unknown. They say one or two yet they may not be effective.

  21. Can someone please tell me why people with the jabs wear masks and are still self-righteous about the jabs?

    1. Good point, George. You speak to one of the true mysteries of our times.


  22. I, too, am unjabbed and have had to deal w friends and family that behaved like your date. My wife, fortunately, respected my decision (and stopped getting jabbed after her first two rounds bc she caught on to the nonsense.)

  23. When the pandemic arrived in early 2020, and as we progressed through wave after wave of infections and deaths, we were given a singular path to victory in defeating this menace - safe and effective vaccines. Not early treatments, not diet and exercise, not fortifying our immune systems. The ineffective serums are nothing more than pandemic profiteering delivered to us by the politicians and media who are bought, owned - and of course sponsored - by Pfilth.

  24. Wow. Dating in the post-pandemic world sounds challenging. Amazing how educated and intelligent people got roped into group think and have such non-rational reactions to those who have not. When confronted with simple logic, their minds seem to explode. If one is vaccinated and believes in it’s efficacy, how in the world could you pose a risk to them. Conversely, if you doubt the safety of the vaccines you are at risk of their shedding and infecting you with nefarious elements.

    Interesting to see the conspiracy theories being confirmed as fact by recent main stream revelations. We’ve known it all along but maybe there will be enough info to help people get over their cognitive dissonance resulting from the amazingly well executed world-wide brainwashing campaign.

    Be safe out there!

  25. Zach Bush, MD: “What we are doing as a compliant global population today is opening up the floodgates of prosperity for the current health care paradigm. We have given permission to governments and pharmaceutical companies to print trillions of dollars from nowhere, to pay for the development of new variants of genetic modification that are then distributed through mandatory or highly coercive policies, without any medium or long-term safety or efficacy data to understand the consequences … We are the new GMO. It did not go well for the plants, but we can hope for a different outcome in our bodies?"

  26. You should be commended for your willingness, and courage, to date somebody with the shots. I would never dare do so. Yet another story being buried in the news is how the emission of spike proteins from those with the shots is having a detrimental effect on otherwise healthy people. Very good post, if we were closer in age I would date you in a heartbeat!

  27. Wonderful post on dating….it just shows how strongly mass formation takes over. Somehow it has given intelligent people the pass to believe without credibility or evidence. Head scratcher…

  28. Being single and still willing to date, I have thought about this a lot. Unfortunately, I have decided to never date vaccinated women. Mostly due to shedding which who knows if it's even real. Covid really changed a lot. I will probably never date another liberal woman. I'm sad to say all of this. I'm sad that Americans are so divided.

    1. Well said, Same Boat. After the attorney I would still consider dating a woman with the jabs, yet not if they are current with boosters. It is time for people to choose away from the pharma drumbeat. I know little of the shedding yet people I trust speak explicitly tell of their having been adversely affected by those with the injections. I hope to date neither a democrat or republican yet rather someone who thinks for themselves. And yes, the division is beyond sad.

    2. Thinking for one's self. What a concept!

  29. Thank you for saying it so succinctly, THE INJECTIONS ARE A FAILURE.
    And yet it is near impossible to escape commercials appealing to people to continue to get their shots. Who pays for these commercials? The taxpayers, via the federal and state governments? For the benefit of Pfizer and Moderna?

  30. Very good job with this post. I admire your patience and willingness to try to reason and explain logic to someone who has clearly overdosed on pharma propaganda.
    I find it so fascinating that every time you offered her a solid piece of wisdom that was rooted in logic and critical thinking, she defaulted back to hollow statements such as "well, I feel more protected with the shot".
    It reminds me of a deer in headlights. It's the sad truth of people who live in a fabricated world and blindly believe the lies and fear they are being sold on an every day basis. Once someone who as actually thought the issue through and has a real argument encounters them, they freeze up and fall back on the words and agendas of those they are subconsciously emulating. It is sad because when this happens, which it so often does, instead of considering the perspective of the person they are talking to and taking a chance thinking for themselves, they regurgitate the senseless words and evil of entities like big pharma and mainstream media, without even realizing they are doing it. That is indeed very dangerous. It's too bad, because speaking with you she had a real opportunity to learn something true and open her mind, but it seems she did not seize that opportunity.
    Never stop speaking the truth , Mr. Hamburger. The world needs you