Robert M. Hamburger / Mu

My name is Robert M. Hamburger and this is my stand. A place where I share food for thought and ideas from my perch, high up in the Rocky Mountains. I am a political nomad; my religion is tolerance.

I consider it good fortune to have lived off beaten path and away from much of the stimuli of Western civilization for the past 23 years. Sitting by a river quells all things. Looking into the stars at night never gets old. Being on the outskirts of mainstream life has been one of the most rewarding choices I have ever made. 

I am a nature-based wholistic teacher and consultant. I love assisting others in getting from their Point A to their Point B - in life, health and/or business. I prefer meeting with others in person and in the wilderness ... and I have made peace with Zoom. 

And I write wonderful business letters for hire.

Not being on social media is wonderful. It can also be limiting. Please pass my posts on if so inclined ... and reach out if any of this is intriguing….

hamburgersstand at protonmail dot com

“I have known Robert Hamburger for many years and have benefited from his keen insight and advice across a diverse range of topics. He is smart and wise - a rare combination - with a deep commitment and passion for helping others.”
—M. Willis, Colorado 

“Hamburger is a unique phenomena in the world of health and well-being. He lives by the rhythms of Mother Nature and her calming pulses and is a man in balance both professionally and emotionally. He is the kind of person one should turn to in these rapidly changing times.......“
—L. Rancher, Oregon

"Robert is a “wholistic shaman.” He has a keen ability to gain a global view and understanding from the 50,000 foot level, and then come back down to the runway level and implement practical, workable solutions and methods."
—T. Tillman, California 

“Hamburger is a straight-shooter who means what he says and does not mince words. He lives what he believes in and is one of the most unique problem-solvers one could ever wish to find. I encourage people to work with this guy.”
—T. Saryon, California

“Plaudits to Hamburger for speaking out in a “down to earth” real way on matters that are current and important to everyone. You can feel his humility and purpose in how he expresses his perspectives. As the “quickening” of our shared situation escalates I are grateful for his fresh, dedicated and informed clarity.”
—N. Kolachov,  Colorado

“Hamburger has a way of surgically removing rhetoric and using wisdom as a healing agent. If you have a chance to work with him be prepared to listen carefully, take notes and then take action for the betterment of yourself and the globe.”
—S. McGhee, California

“I've known Robert as a friend and colleague for many years. He is bright, articulate and understands the subtle nuances of business, economies and precious metals.”
—D. Meger, Illinois