Robert M. Hamburger / Mu

My name is Robert M. Hamburger and this is my stand. A place where I share food for thought and ideas from my perch, high up in the Rocky Mountains. I am a political nomad; my religion is tolerance.

A holistic teacher and nature-based consultant, I bring a perspective shaped by 25 years of living off the beaten path and away from much of the stimuli of Western civilization. Sitting by a river quells all things. Looking into the stars at night never gets old. Being on the outskirts of mainstream life has been one of the most rewarding choices I have ever made. 

Assisting others to better manage post vaccine syndrome, I am the founder of unvaccinate.com, a resource and advocacy coalition dedicated to raising awareness about the mRNA injections and providing a community for those affected. 

I enjoy not being on social media and it can also be limiting. Please pass my posts on if so inclined ... and reach out if any of this is intriguing….

hamburgersstand at protonmail dot com