Monday, March 11, 2024

Betrayal of the People: The Failure of the Democratic Party


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Childhood memories have my parents teaching me that the Democrats were the champions of the common folk - the party of the people. I learned that being a liberal meant that you were interested in the exchange of ideas that most benefited the populous at large. Oh, how times have changed. The party that allegedly once stood for the working class has become a puppet to corporate interests, leaving behind a trail of broken promises and despair.

Gone are the days of advocating for the greater good. Instead, corporate cash flows through the veins of Democratic campaigns - money speaks louder than words - influences are purchased - and the voices of the commoners go unheard. As the party is derelict in their duties their base of blue-collar and middle-class voters, given only a single other option has gone elsewhere, to the Republicans.

Bernie Sanders dared to challenge this corrupt system and in so doing ignited a fire within the hearts of disillusioned Democrats. When his movement gained momentum the party elites neutered him and chose their own interests over those of the people they were claimed to serve. The Democratic faithful should have rebelled. Instead they turned to the only choice given to them - an uninspiring Hilary.

More recently a new champion within the party, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is no longer even in the party. Having been marginalized for daring to speak out against corporate greed the Democrat’s days of cheering for little guy taking on the big guys are long gone. The liberal media teaching their followers that Kennedy is unworthy is no different than conservative media teaching their followers that Donald is a great leader.

Once the standard bearers of progressive ideals, the democratic politicians espouse the merits of income equality and civil liberties while lining their pockets with corporate cash. Trade agreements prioritize multinational corporations over domestic workers and healthcare reforms appease the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Clinton baited us with a promise of one million jobs then NAFTA shipped them offshore. In 2008, Barack, as a Senator, voted for taxpayer money to bail out the banks while campaigning for change we could believe in. His affordable care act has been a windfall for the health care industry without improving health care for Americans.

In just a few years the Dems have become the pro-war, pro-censorship and pro-Pharma party. Many former Vietnam protesters now support wars in Israel and Ukraine. With the implementation of mass surveillance programs BOTH parties have veered dangerously close to authoritarianism.” Everything is upside down. Even liberal celebrities with no science backgrounds - Jimmy Kimmel, Jane Fonda, Rachel Maddow, Noam Chomsky, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend - now stump for pharmaceutical companies. 

The swamp of corruption knows no party bounds; it infects both blue and red alike. However it is the Democratic Party that stands at a crossroads. It teeters on the brink of irrelevance unless it implements profound change. A radical transformation. The party needs to embrace new voices and perspectives that reflect the values and aspirations of the broader electorate. The old guard, epitomized by the Clintons and Obama, must make way for new blood untainted by corporate influence. If that is even possible.

The answer may lie in being both radical and populist. Reforms benefitting people are concepts beyond capitalism, communism, socialism or any other -ism. These are issues of humanistic decency. Upstage the narrative. How about giving all Americans the healthcare coverage our elected leaders grant themselves? And having corporations pay taxes - instead of people - for the privilege of doing business with the people? A true people's party would champion these ideals.

I'd like to find and vote for a candidate, whether Republican or Democrat, who has the best interest in the health and welfare of everybody in this country.” -Erin Brockovich


  1. If the Party of the People cared about People the People would line up to vote for the Party, even if the leader of the Party was (is) senile.

  2. It's disheartening to see a party once championed as the voice of the people now beholden to corporate interests. The need for profound change within the Democratic Party is urgent or it will continue to drift aimlessly. Embracing new voices will be key.

  3. Bernie Sanders' movement was a beacon of hope, but the party elites chose self-interest over the people's needs. Now, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s marginalization is a stark reminder of how far the party has strayed from its roots.

  4. The level of division in the United States today is deeply concerning. Political polarization has reached alarming levels, with ideological differences often leading to hostility and animosity between individuals and groups. This division is exacerbated by the media with the likes of Hannity and Maddow stoking fires with their endless dances with half-facts and sensationalism.

  5. Obamacare effectively channeled government funds directly into the pockets of insurance underwriters and healthcare conglomerates. Industry profits have soared. Barack Obama, corporate hero.

  6. As a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party I no longer recognize the party today. Democrats lack backbone in standing up for their principles, continually compromising on key issues or failing to effectively oppose controversial policies. Albeit a different cast of characters the Dem swamp is now indistinguishable from the Repub swamp.

  7. Thanks for your insight. If my choice is limited to Brump or Tiden I’ll choose neither.