Monday, March 11, 2024

Betrayal of the People: The Failure of the Democratic Party


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Childhood memories have my parents teaching me that the Democrats were the champions of the common folk - the party of the people. I learned that being a liberal meant that you were interested in the exchange of ideas that most benefited the populous at large. Oh, how times have changed. The party that allegedly once stood for the working class has become a puppet to corporate interests, leaving behind a trail of broken promises and despair.

Gone are the days of advocating for the greater good. Instead, corporate cash flows through the veins of Democratic campaigns - money speaks louder than words - influences are purchased - and the voices of the commoners go unheard. As the party is derelict in their duties their base of blue-collar and middle-class voters, given only a single other option has gone elsewhere, to the Republicans.

Bernie Sanders dared to challenge this corrupt system and in so doing ignited a fire within the hearts of disillusioned Democrats. When his movement gained momentum the party elites neutered him and chose their own interests over those of the people they were claimed to serve. The Democratic faithful should have rebelled. Instead they turned to the only choice given to them - an uninspiring Hilary.

More recently a new champion within the party, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is no longer even in the party. Having been marginalized for daring to speak out against corporate greed the Democrat’s days of cheering for little guy taking on the big guys are long gone. The liberal media teaching their followers that Kennedy is unworthy is no different than conservative media teaching their followers that Donald is a great leader.

Once the standard bearers of progressive ideals, the democratic politicians espouse the merits of income equality and civil liberties while lining their pockets with corporate cash. Trade agreements prioritize multinational corporations over domestic workers and healthcare reforms appease the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Clinton baited us with a promise of one million jobs then NAFTA shipped them offshore. In 2008, Barack, as a Senator, voted for taxpayer money to bail out the banks while campaigning for change we could believe in. His affordable care act has been a windfall for the health care industry without improving health care for Americans.

In just a few years the Dems have become the pro-war, pro-censorship and pro-Pharma party. Many former Vietnam protesters now support wars in Israel and Ukraine. With the implementation of mass surveillance programs BOTH parties have veered dangerously close to authoritarianism.” Everything is upside down. Even liberal celebrities with no science backgrounds - Jimmy Kimmel, Jane Fonda, Rachel Maddow, Noam Chomsky, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend - now stump for pharmaceutical companies. 

The swamp of corruption knows no party bounds; it infects both blue and red alike. However it is the Democratic Party that stands at a crossroads. It teeters on the brink of irrelevance unless it implements profound change. A radical transformation. The party needs to embrace new voices and perspectives that reflect the values and aspirations of the broader electorate. The old guard, epitomized by the Clintons and Obama, must make way for new blood untainted by corporate influence. If that is even possible.

The answer may lie in being both radical and populist. Reforms benefitting people are concepts beyond capitalism, communism, socialism or any other -ism. These are issues of humanistic decency. Upstage the narrative. How about giving all Americans the healthcare coverage our elected leaders grant themselves? And having corporations pay taxes - instead of people - for the privilege of doing business with the people? A true people's party would champion these ideals.

I'd like to find and vote for a candidate, whether Republican or Democrat, who has the best interest in the health and welfare of everybody in this country.” -Erin Brockovich

The Legacy of Reaganomics: From Trickle-Down to Corporate Welfare


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The Grand Old Party is no longer grand. If it ever was. What is grand about a political party? Why not get rid of both parties and have system when where each and every person stands for their own beliefs?

The present day Republican Party is a union of three distinct groups - the moderate Eisenhower/Rockefeller Republicans of yesteryear who emphasized fiscal responsibility, along with the pro-life Right advocating for conservative social values, and the staunch supporters of gun rights. The strategy was originally crafted by advisors to Ronald Reagan whose electoral college victories in 1980 and 1984 would have otherwise fallen short. At first this coalition was an uneasy fit yet it has since coalesced into a formidable force. The newcomers in the coalition have successfully ousted the traditional establishment within the party. Absurdities abound. Why does the religious right champion a politician who they would not wish to be their pastor? Or their litigious neighbor? This dichotomy mirrors the broader ideological divide in American politics where liberals often perceive themselves as the arbiters of critical thinking while conservatives assert their own errant perspectives with equal conviction.

Over the last several decades the Republican Party has steadily cultivated an environment of contentious politics by employing underhanded tactics. This trajectory has seen the party pioneer a distinct brand of political engagement characterized by cynicism and scapegoating of liberals, positioning them as the primary cause of the most every ill facing the nation. This narrative has directly contributed to the polarization, deepening divisions and discord within American society.

The Republican Party has strategically capitalized on the notion that welfare concentrations primarily located on the coasts. They decry such programs drain working people’s tax dollars … while overlooking the far greater drain caused by corporate welfare. Industries such as ranching, forestry and oil are allowed to pillage the nation’s resources. Corporate America reaps obscene profits while paying minimal fees to the nation's Treasury for the use of our public lands.

The Republican Party employs a complex tapestry of nonsensical ideologies and creates a misconstrued web of societal issues. The pro-life Right and gun owners, while wielding significant influence within the GOP, often find themselves marginalized on issues beyond their primary concerns. In a Faustian bargain they sacrifice their broader wellbeing for the sake of their one issue and unwittingly undermine their own interests in the process.

The seeds of this downward spiral were sewn in the Reagan years. Espousing the virtues of small government, Ronald’s eight years in office was the first time the debt doubled in any eight-year span. While ridiculing the Democrats as tax-and-spend the actor-turned-president perfected borrow-and-spend. As business elites reaped windfall profits and corporate America thrived, ordinary citizens did well enough not to notice the bait-and-switch. He lowered taxes? Yes, he indebted us instead. With interest.

Disparities and injustices perpetuated under guise of capitalism call into question the merits of a system that prioritizes profit over people. Capitalism meant I could open an sporting goods store and you could open a restaurant. Capitalism unchecked became a corporatocacy. As present day Republicans champion this alternative reality capitalism the intended consequences become apparent: We now have trillion dollar companies paying little or no taxes … and at far lesser rates than wage earners.

Entrenched partisan divisions have led to persistent and systemic issues. These divisions, often fueled by ideological rigidity and quests for power, have led to a gridlock that no American can be proud of. Uniting America should be the only MAGA that we should care about. A complete paradigm shift of the political landscape will be required. If you have a blue or red campaign sign in your yard this fall you are on the wrong side.

It is better to be alone than in bad company.” - George Washington

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Boostless and fancy free


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They are everywhere. In big cities and small towns, along the coasts and in the heartland. Your family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers are amongst them. You may be one of them. I am referring to those who received “vaccines” for Covid prevention and subsequently got Covid. Many infected more than once. It is estimated that upwards of 70% of those with the jabs also got the bug. As 2023 draws towards a close the vaccinated remain susceptible to Covid and can be contagious. The former “pandemic of the unvaccinated” affects everyone equally.

Should five doses - up from the promised two in less than three years - be considered a successful medical intervention? There was a time when 95% efficacy was assured. Now the multiple recommended doses offer only vague and unproven claims of milder symptoms while studies of vaccine side effects and complications are rarely reported by mainstream media outlets. And still there is no scientific data on the long term effects of the messenger RNA experiment on humans. 

It is time to change the narrative and look beyond pharmaceutical solutions for protection against SARS-CoV-2. There are natural and effective alternatives to building and maintaining robust immune systems.

Health and healing is best maintained and improved by our own personal, informed choices. Focus on Mind/Body/Spirit. Food as Medicine. Weight loss. Drink more water. Daily Exercise/Yoga/Stretching/Pilates/Tai Chi/Qigong/Meditation. Seek out alternative medicines as first choices. Discover natural immune boosting foods and supplements. Connect with family, friends and neighbors. Connect with your self. Listen. Question. Appreciate. Cultivate a rich spiritual connection. Get good sleep. Hold a child. Consult an elder. Consciously turn off screens. Move. Walk. Find engaging and fulfilling labor. Volunteer. Read. Plant a garden. Hug. Act kindly upon a stranger. Be strong, and vibrant. Be curious. Adopt a dog. Or a cat. Learn an instrument. Connect with nature. Find sunlight once a day. Or rain or wind. Get outside. Take in the awe of just how phenomenally unlikely your existence is and ponder that. Open your heart. Forgive. Sing and dance. Learn. Mentor. Trust your body’s innate wisdom. Be intuitive. Know that good health is affordable and illness is the profit-rich end goal of the healthcare industry complex. Do diligent research. Make your own best informed healthcare decisions by collecting information from multiple viewpoints and perspectives. 

Let no one mandate your most personal decision - choosing your own best health.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The Ripple Effect of Appreciation


Recently I was on the phone with a friend and she told me she had interviewed a young woman earlier in the day on her podcast. In particular she told me of their conversation that followed the conclusion of the podcast.

The young woman shared with my friend that she had brought out the very best in her. The young woman expressed her gratitude, even saying she felt loved. As my friend described the conversion I could hear the smile in her voice. And I could hear her tear up. Her joy was palpable. I caught myself smiling along with her.

My friend’s story impacted me. Why not share my appreciation for people in my life, starting now?

The next morning I headed out into the world and I endeavored to find something to appreciate with each person whose path I crossed. My first stop was the gym at the local community center. I thanked the volunteer at the front desk for being there. I complimented a woman on her electric blue hiking shoes. I told one of the high school kids that I had missed seeing him and that I was glad that he had made it in. Then there were a couple of German tourists working out on the bench press and when one of them completed 10 reps at some three-hundred pounds I told him, “Du bist so toll (You’re so amazing).” Taken aback that I knew to say such a thing in his native tongue his reaction was as if I had awarded him an Olympic gold medal. He smiled broadly from ear-to-ear, nodded his head in approval and heartily responded, “Danke schön!”

I shared appreciations similar to these throughout the day ... and have continued to do so each day since. Endeavoring to bring a smile to others brings a smile to my face.

Sharing an appreciation can be either a profound or casual recognition for another’s qualities or actions. At times it can be a deeply emotional heartfelt gratitude where we express thankfulness for another’s kindness and support. Other times it can be as simple as a sincere compliment. When individuals acknowledge and appreciate one another it promotes one’s own self-esteem and confidence at the same time it cultivates relationships based on empathy, connection and mutual respect.

In today’s crazy world - and in times of social and political unrest - showing appreciation can be a unifying force. Demonstrating appreciation can strengthen interpersonal relationships, enhance mental and emotional well-being, family cohesion, uplift workplace cultures and reduce social tensions. Showing appreciation can be contagious. . . encouraging further acts of kindness.

I appreciate you reading my post. Thank you.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” --Voltaire

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

RFK, Jr. and people parroting the media narrative


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Once again an unsettling trend becomes evident: a striking uniformity in people's discourse. When I speak to the upcoming presidential campaign and mention Robert F. Kennedy's bid a peculiar phenomenon unfolds. Disdain quickly replaces civility with the mere mention of his name, rendering any constructive dialogue nearly impossible. If the reactions were not quizzical enough more concerning is the exacting similarity of people’s words: “Conspiracy theorist ... even his family thinks he is crazy.” The same two phrases strung together five times in the course of a couple weeks? How does that happen? Why the identical wording?

A more truthful statement is that Kennedy is a vaccine questioner ... as am I. Kennedy has likely done more research into the benefits and risks of vaccines than most anyone outside of the pharmaceutical industry or the US regulatory agencies, and without the influence of a profit-motivated agenda. The media would have us believe that everything that Kennedy has learned and speaks to is without merit. His viewpoints are never critiqued. Instead he is labeled a “vaccine conspiracy theorist and presidential candidate” - in that order. They call him a crackpot and nut job. The same media that faulted Donald for his propensity to name-call now does the same.

The claim that “even his family thinks he is crazy” is equally deceptive. It is important to note that only two Kennedys have expressed opposition to RFK Jr.'s presidential campaign. Conflating this with the entire Kennedy family is highly misleading.

A similar repetitive narrative was present in the months after the mRNA injections were first being administered. I was skeptical and unconvinced in February 2021. The rapid pace at which the rollout unfolded led me to question whether it was appropriate for individuals - regardless of their position within industry or government - to unequivocally claim that this new technology was safe and effective. Astonishingly, on four occasions within a mere two weeks I was confronted with the query of whether I also subscribed to the notion that the world was flat. The same idiom from four different people seemed to be more of a taught/learned response than it would be a coincidence.

We are witnessing psychic warfare. The narrative continually repeats and is laid out for us using easy to follow derogatory language with no clear definition. Using repetition repetitively the masses are told what to believe and given talking points. Logic gets twisted beyond recognition. The cycle worsens as people unwittingly perpetuate the distorted narrative, blurring the boundaries of truth and perpetuating the falsehoods with unwavering conviction.

Among those attacking Kennedy are some of the same individuals who assured Americans that the pharmaceutical inventions were the only choice we had to combat Covid. We were told these vaccines would provide immunity yet the reality is estimated 70% of those with the injections have contracted the virus. Initially those cases were labeled breakthrough infections, then they were commonplace.

Among those attacking Kennedy are the same individuals who said the vaccination shots would stop transmission. We have since learned that the shots were never tested for transmission. Pfizer President of International Markets Janine Small’s [testimony] to the Danish Parliament in October 2022 about “the speed of science” went largely unreported in the U.S.

Among those attacking Kennedy are the same individuals who say that he has promoted unfounded claims linking vaccines to autism. His views contradict the pharma-led narrative. This is why we need to have open debate/discussion and compare contrasting research and research methodologies. Never is Kennedy’s vaccine information critiqued. Instead his views are categorically dismissed and people are told his positions are alarmist and unsupported by scientific evidence. There was once a time when liberals sided with the little guy who spoke out against the big guys. Now many of them turn on a Kennedy.

The two major political parties in the United States consistently prioritize the interests of wealthy elites, elevating corporate interests above the needs of the 99%. Suppression of candidates who deviate from the party line - Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders and now Kennedy - combined with atmosphere of political polarization creates an environment where voices outside the mainstream and the concerns of ordinary citizens are effectively silenced. As a result a forward-thinking agenda goes missing as neither the Democrats or Republicans actively pursue transformative policies. The media is a powerful tool for this indoctrination. With the constant bombardment of carefully crafted messages people are swayed to believe a predetermined and narrow range of perspectives fostering an atmosphere where groupthink goes unchallenged. 

Throughout history when people uniformly speak with striking similarity a specter of brainwashing often lurks beneath the surface. Uniformity of speech stifles diversity of thought and suppresses progress. It is within these carefully crafted linguistic confines that the seeds of manipulation take root, leading to a loss of critical thinking and independent judgment.

It is not easy to find accurate information. I have few reliable sources. My favorite newscasters/ investigative journalists are Russell Brand and Jimmy Dore. Humor requires truth, and their ability to infuse humor into their perspectives is a powerful tool for revealing the follies that lie beneath the surface. I encourage you to check out Chris Hedges, Bill Bonner, Glenn Greenwald, 321goldUnherd, DarkHorse Podcast, High Intensity Health and Dr. John Campbell.

Those in power are fearful of Kennedy's appeal. Brace yourself for the onslaught of their noise machine as he continues to rise in the polls. When the masses echo identical rhetoric dismiss it not as mere chance but as a deliberate orchestration. The synchronicity is worth scrutinizing. Question and challenge this concerted effort to suppress a voice that strikes a chord with the people.

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." 

--George Orwell

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Unsafe at Any Dose

by James, Guest Contributor
James keeps a low profile in a small mountain community of Colorado. 

This incredible speed in vaccine development is unprecedented. But it did not compromise the safety of the vaccine or the scientific integrity of the process.” 
--Dr. Anthony Fauci

We are told that the Covid vaccines are safe. . . the full mantra we chant is “Safe and Effective”. . . with presidents, prime ministers, chancellors and health agencies around the world joining in the chorus. 

The mRNA technology has only been in people’s shoulders for 27 months. Prior to the pandemic a vaccine would not have been approved for use without a minimum of five years of testing. We were told urgency was a priority and only six months of data was needed for the FDA to declare the injections safe and be granted Emergency Use Authorization. Approval to inject our children and babies followed a few months later. The FDA, the CDC and the pharmaceutical CEOs all assert the novel mRNA gene therapy is:

-Safe for developing babies during the first trimester of pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
-Safe for people with heart conditions, cancer, diabetes and COPD.
-Safe, and fully effective when combined with flu and RSV vaccines. 
-Safe to be modified and given annually for each new variant. 

The public is being told that most side effects are mild and short lived and that significant injuries are extremely rare. 

Evidence to the contrary mounts. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has linked the mRNA shots with serious conditions such as blood clots, central nervous system disorders, miscarriages and deaths. A 27 January 2023 Pfizer press release acknowledged that the shots are associated with ailments including fevers and headaches, vomiting and diarrhea, severe allergic reactions, pericarditis and myocarditis. Associated with does not prove causality yet the correlation warrants discussion.

All medications have side effects and it is up to the individual to consider the risks versus the benefit. Do the Covid injections provide adequate protection to justify the risk? Have you read about the risks stated in the handout that came with your shots? 

It is commonly accepted that chemotherapy has a host a significant side effects yet many consider its potential benefit to be worth the risk. It is doubtful that many would undergo weeks of chemo to cure acne, halitosis, or foot fungus. Especially when we have numerous effective and less expensive options available.

Why were we led to believe our immune systems would not be an adequate defense against Covid? Throughout 2020 health officials could have educated Americans (and all humans) on strengthening our defenses with a myriad of supplemental immunity boosters. Vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, garlic, selenium, licorice, vitamin B complex, echinacea and numerous mushrooms are known to be effective immune boosters. These supplements can be purchased inexpensively, over-the-counter and are safe for human consumption. 

Additionally quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet and getting a full night’s sleep support healthier immune systems. Yoga, pilates, tai chi or and other cardiovascular activities also improve overall health and vitality. Rarely were these activities promoted in the media. Instead those in charge told us - without proof - that masks, social distancing and lockdown would minimize the spread of Covid. We were coerced into believing the covid vaccines would be necessary to achieve herd level immunity.  There is no data to support this claim yet staying current with all boosters remains the official directive.

Quietly, during the pandemic the FDA altered the definition of vaccine to fit the current shots . Prior to September 2021 a vaccine - by definition - needed to “produce immunity from a specific disease.” Now it need only “stimulate a body’s immune response,” a significantly lesser threshold. 

Concerns pertaining to the merits of the Covid injections grow with each new round of shots. Increased awareness over safety issues as well as newer viral strains being less virulent have led people to question the necessity of receiving the mRNA. Two-thirds of eligible Americans got “fully vaccinated.” The definition of “fully vaccinated” then changed as more boosters were needed to achieve any level of effectiveness. Of those who got the initial two jab series less than half received the first booster, and less than 20% choose the latest bivalent. More tellingly, less than 10% of American parents are choosing to inject their younger children. Still, the FDA just approved a fourth dose to those five and under. 

Millions of vaccine vials purchased by our government now lie unused with the FDA extending their expiration dates by nine to 12 months. Do these formulas remain safe one year after their original expiration dates? Would you trust your local supermarket to do that with your grocery items?

Missing from public discourse is why the pharmaceutical companies were granted immunity from product liability. 

During the 1970s Big Pharma was inundated with lawsuits over injuries caused by vaccines. When the Swine Flu arrived in 1976, the industry demanded vaccine indemnity prior to production. Permanent immunity was subsequently granted with the passage of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) and signed into law by Ronald Reagan. The passage of this legislation coincides with Anthony Fauci’s early days as head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). In simple language pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for vaccine damages. Every new vaccine is safe by fiat. 

Legislation indemnifying vaccine manufacturers from liability is common knowledge in pharmaceutical boardrooms while rarely mentioned in the media. As a business model this legal protection has proven to be a great motivator for innovation. Vaccine production has flourished since the passage of NCVIA. The CDC now recommends 25 shots administered by a baby’s second birthday. The first vaccine given on the day of birth and up to five vaccines given in a single pediatrician visit. 

In 2020 we were scared. The media amplified the fear. People were dying and many became near-fatally sick. The red on the covid maps spread to every state. Hospital beds were over full and we had a severe shortage of respirators. This had a chilling effect. We were offered a single narrative - do nothing and wait for the vaccine.

Yet the mantra of yesteryear no longer rings true.

Effective? Despite the hundreds of millions of shots administered the virus remains undefeated. One, two, three, four, five jabs and people are still getting Covid. Vaxxed or unvaxxed, this bug is infecting most everyone. 

Safe? Tylenol was pulled from the selves after seven deaths. The Ford Pinto was recalled after 27 deaths. Production of the swine flew vaccine was halted after 50 deaths. The CDC’s own website now admits 19,476 American deaths from this vaccine, so far.

The time has come for the mRNA injections to be declared unsafe.  

PS. I invite you to read this peer-reviewed study published in “The Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology” in September of 2022. 

Thursday, March 2, 2023

A Dating Conversation in 2023

Recently I connected with a woman via an online dating site. Although we lived more than an hour from one another I found it appealing that she also lived in a rural mountain community. She was a litigation attorney and articulate. Her pictures conveyed a liveliness and I liked the casual way she dressed. We wrote back and forth on the site and decided to do the old fashioned thing - no emails, no phone calls, no video calls, meet face-to-face, just one person’s presence in front of the other’s and let’s see what happens.

It did not escape my attention that she was “vaccinated” because she had the gold badge of honor displayed in the upper right corner of her profile. Again and as I have done in the past I questioned how I would feel about dating a vaxxer. My first answer: If I wish for medical freedom and acceptance of my choices then I must be willing to give the same to others. My second answer: It would not be a dealbreaker if a woman came with the injections yet I would prefer to meet someone who had also chosen otherwise. Instilled with my mother’s naturopathic views I believe there was and continues to be a better way than the Pfizer-led narrative.

We made a plan to meet five days out. We picked a coffee shop midway between us.

When I arrived I walked in to see if she was inside. As I came back out she was walking towards me. She was taller than I had imagined and attractive. She looked like her photographs, which is not always the case with online dating. As we greeted one another I noted her nice, firm handshake. We went inside, ordered tea, made small talk until we had our drinks and then headed back outside.

The conversation was nice yet professional. She had a nice sense of humor which I appreciated. At about 20 minutes in we began to discuss the pandemic and how it had affected our lives. Then she offered:

WOMAN: “I got my fifth shot a few weeks ago.”

ME: “Oh.”

WOMAN: “Where are you at with your shots?”

ME: “I don’t have shots.”

WOMAN (almost spitting out her tea): “Wait. You’re not vaccinated?!”

ME: “I don’t have any of the Covid injections, if that is what you are referring to.”

WOMAN: “What? Why not? You seem like a super smart man. How could you not have the vaccines?”

I hesitated. I considered excusing myself from the table and leaving, after all she had indirectly just called me stupid. Knowing that she was an attorney I decided to try my case. Working to stay positive I told myself we might each learn something.

ME: “First, let us address the semantics. The injections do not prevent infection or stop transmission. To call them vaccines is a misnomer. More accurately they are gene therapy. Secondly, the injections are a failure. Most everyone I know got jabbed and most all of them got Covid. Similarly, the staunchest mRNA advocates - Joe and Jill Biden, Justin Trudeau, Bourla of Pfizer, Califf of the FDA, Walensky of the CDC - and even Anthony Fauci - have all had Covid, and most have of them have had it twice. And thirdly, still to this day I question the wisdom of putting experimental technology into my body when a person our age (early 60s) has a 99.98+% chance of survival.” 

WOMAN: “You call it experimental technology. You don’t really believe that to be true, do you?”

ME: “Yes. I do. And until we have the benefit of the wisdom of hindsight, which would include a five-year study that will not be published until 2026, I suggest that experimental is the only proper thing to call these things.”

WOMAN: “But the shots lessen the severity of illness. I had Covid last fall and my case was not near as bad as it would have been had I not had the vaccines.”

ME: “How did you measure ‘not near as bad?’ I had Covid in June of last year and my case was mild and I was fully recovered in five days.” 

WOMAN: “Well I still believe the vaccines lessen the severity of infection for a majority of the people.”

ME: “There is not a single study corroborating such a concept. I suggest the same people who said the original shots would prevent infection and stop transmission are the same people who are now selling the notion that the infections are less severe. Should you find such a study will you to send it to me?”

Not suggesting she had evidence she continued. 

WOMAN: “I feel strongly about the importance of being vaccinated.”

ME: “And I feel strongly about the importance of good health, a strong immune system and nutrition to defend against cold germs. In the words of Louis Pasteur, ‘The germ is nothing. The terrain is everything.’”

The quote by the French microbiologist caught the attorney off guard. She hesitated and then pursued a different angle. 

WOMAN: “I likely would not have pursued getting to know you if I knew you had not been vaccinated.”

I thought better than to correct her use of the word vaccinated.

ME: “You would not have pursued me if you had known? Why not?”

WOMAN: “It is because of people like you that this virus was able to spread.”

I took a deep breath. Even Fauci has tacitly admitted that the shots do not prevent transmission.

ME: “If your protection was protecting you it would make no difference if I was jabbed or not. If what you received was a legitimate vaccine then you would be protected even if I had an active case of Covid and we French kissed.”

She smiled. She went to speak yet no words came out. She smiled again, and laughed.

WOMAN: “Well, I would rather have some protection than no protection.”

The attorney was withdrawing her argument.

ME: “It is estimated that nearly 75% of Americans have now had Covid. How is that 62% of Americans got fully vaccinated yet the infection rate is 75%?”

WOMAN: “Well I know that I couldn’t be intimate with you as I would not consider you to be safe.”

ME: “Do you really believe I am unsafe ... or are you acknowledging that you know your protection is not protecting you? 

WOMAN: “I feel better knowing I got vaccinated and am current with all my shots.”

ME: “Ok, yet back to my previous question, do you really believe I am unsafe ... or are you acknowledging that you know your protection is not protecting you?”

WOMAN: “I respect your choice to remain unvaccinated. I have no interest in arguing about the risks or lack of risk by virtue of your choice not to be vaccinated.”

I did not understand her legalese yet chose not to seek clarification. Nor did I feel she respected my choice yet it was time to let it go. I moved to make for a civil ending to our date. We both acknowledged that our differing viewpoints would be an impasse. After a few back and forth platitudes we parted with another firm handshake and an amiable good bye.

I walked back to my car. I was disappointed yet I have become familiar with this conversion. Dating in the age of spike proteins is not what it used to be. Worse, the wreckage of the human relations fallout from the vaccine narrative madness lurks everywhere. Families have been destroyed. Friendships have been vanquished. All because we allowed a less than truthful official story divide us ... and because we allowed wanting to be right be more important than loving.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Healing the Blue/Red Divide

It is said that the sun sets on all empires ... and that the end comes when a country is stretched beyond her means militarily and imperialistically ... is heavily in debt ... and resorts to reckless printing of money for the sake of staying afloat. However the last straw is almost always the nation’s own infighting. This is where we find ourselves today. The infighting pollutes our souls. As we fight so we hasten our decline.

Yes, our opinions vary. Yes, these discussions may be difficult. Yet wars of words, name calling, and statements that “they hate America” will be our demise.

We can debate issues such as abortion, welfare, gun control, Covid injections, immigration or simply whether it is appropriate to say Happy Holidays. Be mindful that these are Blue/Red distractions ... and far too many of us have bought into these concepts. The crux of all things and the most important matter of the day is who our government represents - the People or the corporations?

To transform American society will be a mighty and formidable task. 

How do we get there?

Charting a course for a large nation with a population of hundreds of millions is fraught with difficulty. There will be no easy solutions. There will be divergent views, antagonistic ones even. How to communicate as a majority will be paramount. This process may be the most difficult work we must do. Tolerance of other’s views is the one essential we need to bring to the discussion. Can we learn to accept that we will disagree with one another and keep a respectful dialogue going? Can we as a people become more value-oriented and more focused on the greater good of our society?

It will require action. Standing up. Speaking out. Civil disobedience. It may be necessary to “take it to the streets.” We the People must be ready to do our part to insure that our politicians hear us and become one of us again.

Never has there been a march on Washington, D.C. to demand higher wages for CEOs, bailout banks, larger tax deductions for corporations and the rich, more foreign weapons sales or build mass surveillance. None of these are directly beneficial to the larger population of the United States.

Government will be the last place where change will show up. Democrats and Republicans are not and will not be leading the way. They will only respond to overwhelming pressure. The first and only place that meaningful change will show up is within our own hearts - then in our immediate circles - and then our communities. Only then might our politicians reflect who we are.

We need positive, solution-based discussions. We need to listen more than talk.

The catalyst for such changes can only be supplied by the will of an informed and activist collectivism. It will require unity. Solidarity. With the awareness of the oneness of all people ... and kindness as a common denominator.

Are these ideas Pollyanna-ish?

Yes, absolutely.

And this is the dialogue we need to have.

Are we capable?

“If each person swept in front of their own door soon the entire street would be clean.”  
--Chinese proverb

Monday, June 20, 2022

The Drumbeat Morphs

In my March 18, 2021 post I suggested that we might be up to as many as four “vaccine” doses by September 2022. The FDA beat my prediction by six months, approving the fourth dose on March 25, 2022.

Four doses ... because the first three did not do what was represented.

At first they (pharmaceuticals, government, media) told us that two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna products, or one of the Johnson & Johnson product, would prevent infection and stop transmission. With a mere six months of testing before administering the still experimental drug to the general population, the FDA and the mRNA injection manufacturers had no way of knowing how quickly the effectiveness would wane. 

The singular narrative, led by the nation’s top infectious disease bureaucrat and doctor, was that the vaccines were the ONLY way out of this mess. “They are proven safe. They are effective. The testing was rigorous. Everybody needs to get vaccinated. There are no treatment alternatives.” The same infectious disease bureaucrat and doctor flipped and flopped and flip-flopped on masks. A person with his credentials should have had a singular answer when it came to the topic of masks - that of his own conviction.

By the summer of 2021 those with the injections were still contracting Covid. Breakthrough cases became too commonplace to maintain the claim of 90-95% efficacy. In August 2021 the CDC stopped counting breakthrough cases unless one was hospitalized or died. In doing so they effectively hid how many injected people were getting Covid. 

On September 1, 2021 the CDC and the FDA changed the long-accepted definition of a vaccine. Previously the definition was “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease.” It was changed to “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” If a product does not conform to a definition is it proper/ethical/moral to change the definition to fit the product? In the midst of a pandemic, with the news story of the year being the need for everyone to get vaccinated, the government modified the very definition of a vaccine. The change was barely mentioned in the mainstream media.

On September 22, 2021 Emergency Use Authorization was granted for the first booster injection. Not even a full year had passed. Booster promotion was an admission that the vaccines were failing to protect.

In November 2021 and in response to a Freedom of Information Act request Pfizer asked for 75 years to release (hide) the trial data that was provided to the FDA in order to secure Emergency Use Authorization for their mRNA injections. We were promised transparency. This is not transparency. [There has since been a court ruling that Pfizer is to make the data public by September 2022.]

With breakthrough illnesses now commonplace and studies showing mRNA efficacy peaks in a few weeks and then diminishes, the second booster won FDA approval this past March. Are people to believe the fourth dose of mRNA will accomplish what the first three failed to do ... and against a variant(s) it was not designed for? “Protection from severe illness” became their new proclamation. 

Now, Covid evades the mRNA injections. Statistics from several European governments are showing that those with the injections are four times more susceptible to Covid infection than those without. Below is a table from the UK Health Security Agency dated March 31, 2022. It should be noted that this was the last time the UK government published this (inconvenient) statistic/table. No reason was given.

Click to enlarge

There were those who tried to warn us that injections might not be effective by the fourth or fifth variant as is now the case with Omicron. In early 2021 numerous esteemed doctors, biologists, and virologists who held views that differed from the official narrative were yanked off of YouTube and other platforms. Many were not even putting forth alternative narratives of their own ... yet asking the right questions ... questions that the purveyors of the narrative did not want answered ... or even discussed. Censorship in the United States became commonplace in 2021. It is being justified because this is an “important health crisis.” There is no justification for censorship.

Big Pharma’s new moniker of “science” is one of most successful re-brandings in all of history. The pharmaceuticals have human beings convinced that defending their financial interests is the same thing as standing up for science. Big Pharma and science are not one in the same. Proper scientific study requires full disclosure of the methods and results for a proper peer review. Such is basic journal publication protocol. All good science releases their methods in order to be verifiable by other sources.

Prior to the pandemic Pfizer’s business model was best known for its perpetual moral miscalculations of putting profits before peoples’ health as evidenced by its having paid out billions in judgments involving fraud, lies and shoddy products. It is estimated that Pfizer will have made profits in excess of $60 billion from the mRNA injections by year’s end. Are people to believe Pfizer realized corporate enlightenment with the onset of Covid? With a product granted immunity from any legal or financial retribution?!

Despite humanitarian rhetoric Pfizer originally wanted an $100 per dose from our government (the taxpayers). They settled on $19.50 per dose. Per American Friends Service Committee, “...analysis of production techniques for the leading mRNA type vaccines produced by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, which were only developed thanks to public funding to the tune of $8.3 billion, suggest these vaccines could be made for as little as $1.20 a dose.”

An ugly truth, but true nonetheless, is that from a pharmaceutical industry point of view an unhealthy population is far more profitable than a healthy one. Multiple injections are more profitable than a single one. Even a reputable corporation might be tempted by the exponential difference in profits. The irony is that Pfizer profits increased precisely because their shots are ineffective and thus more of them are needed

Those writing policy at the National Institutes of Health are collecting royalties from the injections. A clear conflict of interest. Will this be swept under the rug as is routine with nearly every high level scandal in Washington, D.C.? In October 2021 the NIH admitted to funding gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at China’s Wuhan lab. Anthony Fauci testified to Congress on more than one occasion that no such thing happened. Is that not perjury? Watch for more NIH and Fauci news in the months ahead. Watch nobody go to jail.

Many Americans remain afraid. Afraid to leave their homes. Afraid to hug their grandchildren. Afraid to question the official narrative. Many with three or four injections still wear masks. Masks would not be needed if the injections were protecting.

Statistically every age group under 70 years old has a 99.9% chance of surviving Covid. With healthy lifestyle choices increasing those odds, not a single major player in the past two and half years ever promoted building a robust immune system - to eat healthily, to supplement with vitamins C, D and zinc, to lose weight, to increase cardiovascular activity, etc. All of these would have prevented illness and deaths.

Always I promote my mother’s wisdom of good health being a lifestyle of daily choices to support our body to nurture and heal itself, and having the pharmaceutical option be the option of last resort. Only now are officials slowly conceding that which has been true with other viral infections is likely true with Covid, being natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity.

And do not even get me started on injecting babies and children.

Watch for the narrative to continue; face and profits need to be saved. The powers that be will have a hard time admitting any error - such would be highly embarrassing - yet embarrassment may be the least of it. Pandemic profiteering!? If the American public loses faith in the injections they may then question the industry that produced and marketed them, and in the elected officials that mandated them. They may even question our model of a health care system that focuses on repairing the sick rather than a system that promotes health. 

Confidence in the mRNA injections appears to be dwindling, About 220 million Americans received the initial double injections, only about 50% of those chose the booster. Even fewer chose the second booster. And now we see that 82 million expired doses are being tossed out due to decreased demand. The stampede of early 2021 is clearly over. 

The drumbeat morphs ... the vaccines will end the pandemic ... the vaccines will protect you and stop transmission ... you still have to wear a mask even if you are vaxxed ... you can still transmit Covid even if you are vaxxed ... you can still die of Covid even if you are vaxxed ... trust the science ... the unvaxxed are at fault (for the vaccines not working) ... this variant is even more contagious than chickenpox ... a booster is amazingly effective and will solve everything ...  your infection may be less severe if you are up to date with all your shots ... new variants are coming and they will be more contagious ... a second booster is amazingly effective and will solve everything ... you don’t want long Covid, do you?

At what point does the narrative completely crumble?

“In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” 
--Galileo Galilei

Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Crack-up Boom Cometh


One evening, in early September 1971, I sat in my grandfather’s study after dinner. I listened as he explained to my two uncles what Richard Nixon had just done by taking the country off the gold standard a few weeks earlier. My grandfather, a Republican, was livid. He railed against Nixon, called him a traitor, and said he should be tried for treason.

My grandfather, Sam Hamburger, was the President of Production Steel, a company he founded in 1930 at the onset of the Great Depression. Over the next several decades, he grew his business into a sizable supplier to the auto industry in Detroit. An unassuming tycoon, he was known as a kind man to all who knew him. He possessed a unique blend of dignified simplicity mixed with a refined intelligence. Always a visionary, he sold his company in 1969 to a U.S. defense contractor when he foresaw that he would not be able to compete with the Japanese and Korean producers in the years ahead. 

That night in his study my grandfather was as spirited as I had ever seen him. He spoke of the horrific consequences which result when a country’s central bank can print money without limit. He said there would now be nothing to keep the politicians honest. He described the societal evil of having the Federal Reserve Bank control the currency, and that the Fed was not even part of the federal government but rather a private, for-profit banking cartel serving its shareholders as opposed to the American people.

Every dollar in one’s pocket, wallet or purse, and every digit in one’s bank or investment account is a private bank’s note … and it comes with interest due and payable to the bank. Similarly, every dollar that our representatives in Congress borrow and spend in our name comes with interest due and payable to the same bank. The Fed prints its money out of thin air, lends it out, and then gets it back, with interest. Making his point my grandfather quoted fellow Detroit businessman Henry Ford: “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

My two uncles asked lots of questions, I listened intently. My grandfather told the story of how all empires that printed money for the sake of staying afloat inevitably failed. He called the politicians scoundrels for going along with Nixon’s crime. He predicted the national debt would skyrocket. Could he have imagined that the number would be in the tens of trillions of dollars 50 years later? Or that the trend of doubling the national debt would begin with conservative Republican Ronald Reagan?

I was thirteen at the time and though I was wondering what my sister and cousins were doing outside I knew I had stumbled onto a once-in-a-lifetime lesson of the way things really work. That night my grandfather predicted an America where houses would cost millions of dollars and that cars would be in excess of $30,000 (now you can get a decent used one for that amount). He explained how this would be the greatest transfer of wealth ever. He told of a time when Americans would wake to find themselves indebted and poor in their own country. He predicted gold would go to the moon. Yet it was when my grandfather mentioned the crack-up boom theory of Austrian Economics ( that I made a forever mental note.

For the past fifty years and a couple of months, I have watched my grandfather’s prophecies unfold. The national debt is a disgrace. Debt permeates every single facet of our society - federal, municipal, corporate, household, personal. Inflation soars. The empire recedes. The gap between the rich and 99% of us is obscene. Gold has gone from $35/oz. to a high last year of $2090/oz. for a return of 5900%. And do not even get me started on the politicians. 

In this artificially and fraudulently stimulated economy people begin to think everything is worth more. Values appear to go up like private-company, tourist, space rockets. Starting wages at McDonalds’s are as high as $21/hour (we were only debating the minimum wage at $15/hour a year ago.) Those fortunate enough to have stock portfolios see their holdings swell. Many swear by the ballooning equity in their homes just as they did in 2007. Then it was easy money; now it is easy money and AirVRBO’s promise of forever riches at $379 per night. 

Yet it is all a trick. A scam. A delusion fabricated by a monetary printing press that is robbing us blind right before our eyes each and every day. Nothing has gone up in value, it just costs more and more of the depreciating currency units to purchase the same things as the currency units become worth less and less as more and more of them are printed.

The crack-up boom comes as the central bank accelerates attempts to sustain the illusion of an expanding prosperity without regard to consequences. With the passage of time more money is needed and more is created. Inflation surges. Prices of goods, services, housing and labors rise. Eventually this policy triggers a fundamental breakdown in the economy and then, suddenly (over a period of weeks or even less), the money loses its value and becomes exposed for what it is - worthless paper/digits. At that point, nobody will take dollars as payment. Still, people will be liable for the dollars that they owe - for their houses, cars, boats, businesses, educations - even though the dollars have no value.

How will Americans’ pension fund holdings, which are largely invested in debt instruments, hold up if there is credit crisis?

The house of cards tumbles; the merde hits the ventilateur.

We have already been given the word - reset. 

The minds at the Federal Reserve Bank seemingly have a plan in place. Can they finesse their way forth with all that may transpire as the currency and/or economy collapses?

A digital currency is all but a certainty … and such will also serve as a near all-encompassing way to track EVERYTHING that we do.

I suspect their plan will likely have the elites (1%) retaining most of the wealth with the rest of us (99%) being given just enough not to rebel.

Will their plan work?

Will we allow it to?

The people of America are too busy fighting with one another to even know we are all on the same side.

The powers that be like it this way.

The fight in our country between blue and red is a nefarious narrative that has been foisted upon us and too many have bought into it. 

The real battle is over who our government represents - the people or the corporations?

We need more than two political parties. We need to have our representatives constrained by term limits for the greater good of everyone other than themselves. We need to outlaw corporate money in our Nation’s Capital. We need to banish every last lobbyist from Washington D.C. We need to end the Fed. We need to recapture ownership of the money system. As I write all of this, it seems impossible. Impossible but necessary. Until we do so we are their pieces, using their money, playing on their board, by their rules, they make a profit on this arrangement and every transaction is to the detriment of every human being.

Most importantly we need to end all of the social division or divided we will fall.

Short of a revolt, we need to begin a different type of dialogue – a dialogue not heard in this country since our independence from the British 245 years ago. Our Nation’s Founders rose up against their version of this corrupt machine and now it is our turn. 

It will require honest acknowledgement of the fact that our politicians are owned by the corporate/military/industrial/security/taxation/banking complex. More specifically we need a discussion about how we are going to remove these career political operatives from office. We must talk with each other about the forces that are influencing our lives. Why is a private bank the beneficiary of its money creation powers as opposed to The People. What would a better arrangement look like? How can we change the present system?

There will be a tremendous price to pay for what our politicians have done to us. Tough times are right around the corner if not already here. Be prepared. Examine your priorities. Get out of debt. Buy physical precious metals now and before the next price advance.

How will crypto currencies fare in a crack-up boom environment? I get asked about cryptos nearly every day. Always I respond the same: there is no knowing what will happen to something that has never existed before and when living in unprecedented times.

The only thing that is a near certainty is that my grandfather’s money (gold) will outlast their stuff.