Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The View From My Mountaintop

[Image Credit: RMH]

In the past couple of weeks I received several hate-filled emails in response to my most recent mRNA posts. I had numerous reactions - anger, sadness, fear, even a few good laughs. As I first began to pen this post I was on fire. Words flowed as I slayed the senders of the hate mail with my keyboard. Then it hit me. 

I asked myself how I might be contributing to the hate.

I needed not look far. I was angry, my body was locked and my teeth were clenched. Referring to the mRNA injections as spike-protein-inducing potions and pharmaceutical protection injections I mocked the other side.

I had no idea I was in for a fight. I was merely holding true to 35 years of wholistic living - never a flu shot, maybe a few aspirin tablets per year, always a 100% organic/non-GMO home, a western medicine physician or doctor-prescribed prescription only as a last resort. Similarly I have lived off the beaten path and in a cabin in the woods near continuously for 25 years. Living more naturally and creating separation from American societal dogma was something I self-prescribed long ago.  

Then the pandemic arrived in early 2020. The world got turned upside down. Images of hospitals being overrun. A hospital boat floating into New York harbor. Social distancing. Masks. Lockdowns. People panicked. Governments panicked. Pharmaceutical companies raced to bring a product to market. 

On December 14, 2020, the FDA announcement of Emergency Use Authorization came. As the nRNA injections made their way into people’s bodies in early 2021 
I searched for information that might compel me to get the injections. The more 
I read and watched and learned, the more questions I had. Less than a year later I find myself on the unpopular side of popular opinion. 

The narrative has become draconian. The president calls it a pandemic of the unvaccinated. The unvaxxed are selfish and prolonging Covid for everyone. The mainstream media all but condemn those without the mRNA injections to be isolated from society. I have been skewered for my no-vaxx choice with family and friends telling me that I am an imbecile and/or lowlife. Some of these people may never speak to me again. I pushed backed against the ridicule. Having felt hate I started to hate back.

Now, I choose to stop. 

The world has enough hate without more me adding even more into the mix … not to mention that having less anger will be beneficial for my immune system.

Still, I will not call the nRNA injections “vaccines” because I do not believe them to be so. Still, I will speak out because I earnestly believe something is wrong with the official story.

Genetically modified mRNA has been in human bodies for 302 days since clinical trials ended. 7,248 hours. The humans and their scientists do not have the benefit of the wisdom derived from having observed how the mRNA technology might affect human bodies for even one-full-year. And this thing may only be in the second inning. The scientists have hypotheses. Answers may be years away, possibly even decades.

In the meantime let us stop hating. It matters not who, what, where, why, how, black, white, brown, yellow, muslim, jew, this side of the border, that side of the border, pro-abortion, anti-abortion, gun-toting, gun-banning, gay, straight, red, blue, vaxxed, unvaxxed. The hate has to stop.

Love, empathy, compassion, acceptance and kindness are needed instead. I give it to those who are vaxxed and believe they are doing what is best. Many of my vaxxed friends extend the same to me without judgement.

I invite my readers to reach beyond the mainstream media. Good and knowledgeable and, yes, highly credible people are questioning the official mRNA narrative, asking questions the mainstream media should be asking. Much of this emerging information gets dismissed, attacked and even removed. That is what those with substantial financial interests at stake always do when their interests are challenged by uncooperative facts.

The information I refer to is coming from wise people with kind hearts who care enough about what is going on to make their voices heard … just as all of us wish our voices might be heard when we are faced with something we feel is unjust or improper.

More concerning is that censorship has taken root in America in 2021. Several people who I have followed for years - Chris Martenson and Jake Ducey to name two - have had content removed from what was supposed to be the last bastion of freedom (the world wide web) in the past few weeks. So too have two people who I know personally. In the blink of an eye information is taken down, removed, zapped from view, erased, gone, no warning, no explanation, no return address.

The narrative is being controlled. Such is never a healthy sign for a society. Orwellianism in America becomes commonplace as I write this.

Can we trust those who determine what we are supposed to believe? Will they get it right? What about next time? And the time after?

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
—Mahatma Gandhi


  1. It takes guts to publicly state your opinions and viewpoints, knowing they are likely unpopular amongst some friends and family. Then to receive unexpected verbal bashings is even tougher to take. Good on you for not taking part in the hostility! A lot of people seem to be stuck in the mire of social depravity these days...if only they would take a hike up to your mountaintop to behold a view of peace and serenity.

  2. All I hear of is science! Don't people realize this conglomeration of corporate pharmacists and their well-funded tentacles is just a new catch phrase for Big-Pharma? This one of most successful rebrandings ever in all of history. Big-Pharma, with its ethics long in the toilet, suddenly reemerges as the messiah.

  3. You're not alone, Mr Hamburger! Check out Deanna Lorraines story- https://rumble.com/vnnqc9-plastic-bag-put-over-teen-covid-patients-head-at-tx-hospital.html

  4. On September 1, 2021 - and with virtually no media coverage - the CDC changed its definition of a vaccine from “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease” to “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”
    If something new does not conform to a long-accepted definition is it kosher to change the definition and then call the new thing the old thing?

  5. Why is there a need for any vaccine, much lass an imperfect and unproven one, when Covid has a 98.4% survival rate, which jumps to 99.7% for those under the age of 70?

  6. I greatly appreciate your courage, honesty and efforts to provide a fresh alive and evolving perspective.
    Yes to information. There has never been a one size fits all solution for anyone. No one has "the" answer.
    The issue around challenging the narrative should never be to be received with hatred. Curiosity and healthy dialogue make for a healthier society.
    Thank you for not promoting hate. It is fine to have an opinion. Be respectful. Pause, breathe and be open to a "different" reality. There is so much to learn and appreciate. Thank you,

    Thank YOU.

  8. Every time I start flinging shit at monkeys, they fling shit back at me.