Monday, August 9, 2021

Leave the Kids Alone

[Image Credit: Lost Coast Outpost]

A father told me that he and his wife had just vaccinated their 13-year-old son for Covid. I nodded. I said nothing. What could I say? There is no joy for me in hearing about kids getting the mRNA injections. Instead, I feel sadness, even horror.

The father does not know what the spike-protein-inducing injections will do in his own body two years from now. He does not know this because nobody has had the spike-protein-inducing injections in their body for that long. Still, the father had the experimental pharmaceutical technology put into the body of a boy still in his formative years. 

CDC data shows that males aged 18-24 are experiencing high numbers of adverse effects after getting the injections - including enlarged hearts, microscopic blood clotting, respiratory problems and possible interference with human reproduction. Even with a search as simple as “spike protein in children” I found this from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance in the first results: “Questions about the spike protein must be answered before children and teens are vaccinated, including whether the vaccine spike protein crosses the blood-brain barrier, whether the vaccine spike protein interferes with semen production or ovulation, and whether the vaccine spike protein crosses the placenta and impacts a developing baby or is in breast milk.”

Why rush to inject mRNA into a yet younger boy?

A virus appears. A pandemic ensues. In March 2020 Italy’s coronavirus numbers go ballistic. The same thing then happens in New York. The media goes into sensationalization mode and stirs up fear. Fear becomes the new norm. The United States locks down. The lockdowns are fiercely debated. Members of Congress grandstand. Donald pushes for a vaccine yet no mask. Anthony, the nation’s infectious disease cognoscente, pushes for a vaccine and sometimes a mask and sometimes not a mask. Joe, looking to dethrone Donald, pushes for both a vaccine and a mask. The pharmaceutical industry seizes the moment and before the year is out regulators grant approval for a new technology to be put into human bodies. They call it Emergency Use Authorization instead of FDA Approval. This allows them to bypass proper testing. We are told that these injections are the only solution and the urgency of the situation does not allow for second-guessing. The drugmakers' friends in government grant the drugmakers immunity from any and all liability. Hocus pocus takes root. Stimulus, formerly known as quantitative easing, becomes a new buzzword. Trillions of dollars are conjured up as the People’s elected representatives obligate their constituents to a now $28.6 trillion national debt, an increase of 23% in one year. Tens of billions of the taxpayers’ dollars flow to the drugmakers as people get free jabs. The fear-laced messages snowball. Many people believe what they are told is true … even though they also know that they are rarely told the truth. Media repetition of persuasive talking points helps them justify getting the jabs and to believe that they are doing their civic duty. Some are so elated they take to social media and post photos of themselves announcing they got the jabs with the Heath and Human Services’ Madison Avenue-like slogan “We can do this!” Members of Congress are still grandstanding. Million dollar lotteries are created for recipients of the mRNA. Donuts are given away.

Seventeen months after the first coronavirus cases appeared in the United States a common psychosis exists with the fear narrative being repeated over and over and over again. Ad nauseam. Every single day. All day long. Psychology 101. And now it is not just the Covid. This one is far, far worse. Transmits like chicken pox. The dreaded D Variant. Darth Vader 102.

The World Health Organization announces the arrival of the Lambda variant…..

Are the spike-protein-inducting injections the answer? 

Big Pharma’s lack of scruples (up until last year) is well-chronicled. The revolving door of Big Pharma executives and regulatory agency officials is well-documented. The People’s elected representatives giving priority to the interests of their corporate suitors is well-understood. The knowing of what billions of dollars in profits can do to an industry’s ethics is a movie we have all seen many times.

The age-old retail practice of bait and switch is starting to show its face as the drugmakers make their play for yet more taxpayer money. In the past weeks:

  1. Moderna CEO St├ęphane Bancel told Forbes that people will likely need to get an annual booster booster for Covid and that boosters may “become part of one’s yearly medical ritual.” 
  2. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said the effectiveness of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine steadily declines about four to six months after getting their second dose … and “the good news is that we are very, very confident that a third dose, a booster, will take up the immune response to levels that will be enough to protect against the Delta variant.”

If and when we get to the Upsilon variant how many “vid vaxxies” will this man’s son have had? 

My original two questions remain unanswered:

Is vaccine-acquired immunity superior to naturally-acquired immunity? What about immunity to the mutations and variants? 

What we know is that natural immunity allows the body to do what it was designed to do. What remains unknown is whether the mRNA injections will do the same. That both Pfizer and Moderna began talking about booster shots shortly after the first jabs were first being jabbed suggests they already know the answer.

I asked an acupuncturist what she would tell a parent when considering getting a Covid injection for their child. Her response:

“I would tell them that their child was just developing his/her immune system responses and that their immune system was likely very strong. I would suggest that it is best to let their child get naturally exposed to bacteria and viruses in our environment, and that this would help them develop a stronger immune system … letting the immune system evolve in the world and with the world. Adding something like mRNA into the equation may actually cause a very dangerous hyperactive auto-immune response every time the child becomes exposed to a virus. It also has the potential to cause other issues - long term auto-immune disorders as well as being prone to allergies.”

What is the risk? What is the benefit?

It is too soon to tell.

To date I have not come across conclusive information that would lead me to believe that getting the spike-protein-inducing injections would be in the best interests of my body or for the betterment of society. 

The mainstream media tells me that I am wrong. 

The same mainstream media does not report anything that conflicts with the narrative just as it does not report disturbing VAERS numbers. Shaming non-vaxxers is accepted as journalism; questioning if mRNA is integrating in peoples’ bodies as it was designed to do is not.

Doctors offering alternative opinions are being removed from the web. I personally know wise people with effective voices and important messages who have been taken down. When I witness censorship in my country I witness an insurrection on the First Amendment. When I am not allowed to hear what others are saying my way becomes unclear. When my way becomes unclear I pause - both in life and with mRNA technology.

Humankind likes to believe it can conquer nature - building dams, bending rivers, summiting mountains, chopping down rain forests, engineering the food, building on fault lines, traveling in rocket ships beyond the planet’s gravitation pull. Now the humans attempt to slay a virus.

Often the humans succeed.

Always Mother Nature prevails.

Two hundred years from now how will history remember the humans who chose to get the for-profit-corporate-product put into their shoulder muscle because of the fear-laced message of their day?

Will the un-vaxxed go down as the most evil of all the evils ever known to walk the earth or will they be the only ones walking the earth?

Will the son be grateful for what his father did to him 25 years from now?

Will I appreciate the decision that I made?

The drumbeat continues. The narrative dances. We have gone from the vaccines will end the pandemic - to you still have to wear masks even if you are vaxxed - to you can still transmit Covid even if you are vaxxed - to you can still get Covid even if you are vaxxed - to you can still die of Covid even if you are vaxxed - to the unvaxxed are killing the vaxxed. Like a candle in the wind.

As a commenter to my previous post wrote: What happened to the good old days when vaccines provided immunity - no ifs, ands or buts?

“What we are doing as a compliant global population today is opening up the floodgates of prosperity for the current health care paradigm. We have given permission to governments and pharmaceutical companies to print trillions of dollars from nowhere, to pay for the development of new variants of genetic modification that are then distributed through mandatory or highly coercive policies, without any medium or long-term safety or efficacy data to understand the consequences … We are the new GMO. It did not go well for the plants, but we can hope for a different outcome in our bodies?" 

-- Zach Bush, MD


  1. Awesome post Hamburger - you hit it out the ballpark with: 'We have gone from the vaccines will end the pandemic - to you still have to wear masks even if you are vaxxed - to you can still transmit Covid even if you are vaxxed - to you can still get Covid even if you are vaxxed - to you can still die of Covid even if you are vaxxed - to the unvaxxed are killing the vaxxed.' Pure insanity. Logic is dead. Only mental illness remains.

  2. Science, science, science, science. What happened to common sense? We all need to get this crud and let nature take its course to achieve any sort of herd immunity.

  3. My family is sick with covid as as I type this. My daughter got it first starting last weekend, then we learned two of her friends tested positive for the D variant. Then three more of us became symptomatic. All the symptoms we've heard about. We’re all ok, taking extra supplements and we all are going to recover. All the news stories covered by the MSM are terrible with the intent to scare. Send some reporters over here and let them do a story about the vast majority of people who beat out this crud in three to six days.

  4. Prevention and immune strengthening are ignored, along with time tested but off patent drugs that in study after study appear to resolve the problem. The numbers of injuries and deaths from the mRNA injections already logged should give everyone pause

  5. The photos of people on farcebook with the HHS 'we can do this' button are ridiculous. I question the sanity of anyone wanting be a poster child for our government.

  6. I do not agree with all you write yet that you admit you may be wrong gives you credibility. Thank you for your post.

  7. The push to vax is not a misguided effort to save lives. It is not just a profit engine for Big Pharma and their political lackeys. It is not simply a matter of differences in medical/political opinions. It is the primary mechanism in a campaign to reduce the population of human beings by 90%. If you are unvaxxed then they are coming for YOU. So, if you unable to "run for the hills" then keep your powder dry and get ready to fight for your life because that is what we are all facing, vaxxed and unvaxxed. Make peace with your Maker and Stand Your Ground and for Heaven's sake stop whining and prepare to face your death like a Man or Woman. Those who survive will reign upon the new earth (if anything remains).

  8. The public is told to "trust the science." Shouldn't we first "follow the money," to best determine the legitimacy of the "science?" One of our founding fathers stated the following: "Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom." - Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813)

    1. Thank you for that Unknown. I never knew that.