Thursday, July 15, 2021

This is not my Grandfather’s America

[Image Credit: The Freedom Thought Project]

This past Friday I watched a 56-minute interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology when at the Salk institute. The video had been viewed more than 30,000 times in two days. I found Malone to be credible, articulate and sincere. He explained how the technology of spike protein came about, what it does after entering the human body and how this protein does something different. He spoke of how these vaccines had not been tested as they should have been and went into great detail of how and which corners had been cut. My non-scientific mind was able to make sense of nearly all he said.

On Sunday and after verifying his credentials I went to forward the video to those on my mailing list and found it had gone missing. In its place was a message stating that it been removed by the “YouTube Community.”

There is something wrong in this country when this kind of dreck goes down. Who is this community that determined the video was improper? Or maybe the better question, who found the video threatening? And why?

I just experienced censorship. In America.

I have read that articles and videos with anti-vaccine and/or pro-natural health content are being removed from the web. However to hear about censorship and to experience it are two very different things. I am outraged. That video had information Americans (and the people of the world) deserve to hear.

From the beginning I have maintained that real truth about the vaxxies is known by a very select few. Everyone else’s opinions - mine included - are but merely a by-product of the information we have chosen to pay attention to. When someone tells me they know the truth about the vaxxies (pro or con) I quote Socrates: “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.”

I refuse for the vaxxie primarily for wholistic reasons. I choose to be as I am - a human being on planet earth with the immune system that I came with. My body, my choice and my responsibility to maintain optimal health. I have been 99% organic and non-GMO in my home for than 30 years. I have never bought into the hype (fear) of the yearly flu shot and I avoid Western Medicine and its prescription-for-everything mentality as best as I am able. I always seek out wholistic practitioners before I do an MD. Refusing society’s “vaccines” has been my way of life for many decades. 

Despite the unrelenting drumbeat of how everyone must get the vaxxie for their own heath AND the health of others I am not convinced. Though I have never been compelled to blindly trust what Big Pharma and its obsequious cohorts are telling us nothing I have read or heard has persuaded me to change my position. Amongst the most unscrupulous industries ever … and now they operate with complete immunity?

The message of the day is that I am wrong. 

Maybe I am.

Might adverse side effects from these spike protein injections not yet known come to light in two or three years?

Maybe we will know in two or three years.

There are no absolute answers, only hypotheses. 

Wanting to figure out what happened to the video that disappeared I searched Robert Malone more extensively. Several sources stated that as recently as June 14, 2021 Wikipedia listed Malone’s contributions in the historical section on RNA vaccines. 

From These references included that Malone co-developed a “high-efficiency in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection system using cationic liposomes” in 1989 and in 1990 he demonstrated that “in-vitro transcribed mRNA could deliver genetic information into the cell to produce proteins within living cell tissue.” On June 16, five days after Malone first spoke on the DarkHorse Podcast, his name was scrubbed from the Wikipedia page. Now, the discovery of mRNA drug delivery “is accredited to nameless researchers at the Salk Institute and his 1990 research confirming that injected mRNA can produce proteins in cell tissue is accredited to nameless scientists at the University of Wisconsin.”

This is outright revisionism and is no different than the society portrayed in George Orwell’s “1984.” The narrative is being corrupted right before our very eyes and this will only lead to one place: a world where adherence to the lies of the day is the only option. 

Fear of the pandemic has been a windfall for the pharmaceutical/media/governmental kakistocracy just has the fear of Communists, Viet Cong, Sandinistas, Ayatollahs and Al Qaeda has been played to the profit of the military/industrial/security complex. The vaccines have created nine new billionaires. Some public good.

Last week Pfizer (previously known as Big Pharma Enemy #1) said the vaccines’ effectiveness is waning, that the (dreaded) Delta variant is gaining, and that boosters will be needed by fall ($20+ billion in additional profits). By the time I awoke the next morning the CDC and FDA had panicked and called the Pfizer statement bogus [my word].

This whole thing stinks. That the video that I was going to send to my email list was removed is rotten to the core. 

This is not the America I learned of in grade school.

Hunter Biden should be in jail. So too should the orange-haired man. But I digress. 

NOTE: Though not nearly as informative as the video that went missing, this is a link to Dr. Robert Malone on the DarkHorse Podcast:


  1. I've seen this type of censorship happen first hand over a dozen times through the past year+. I can only conclude that it's part of a greater agenda to control information that the public sees. They already have tight control of MSM, next in line was social media. There's big money at play when controlling the narrative and it's disturbing to me to see so many people falling prey to it. Isn't this what communist countries do? Another great interview with Dr Malone:

  2. The CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson&Johnson should also be in jail!

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