Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Donald presidency further unravels

                                                                                            [Image Credit: The Maritime Executive]

Mike Pence has moved on. So too has Mitch McConnell. GOP Senators Lisa Murkowsy and Pat Toomey have called on Donald to resign. 

Others would be wise to jump ship quickly. 

Bad news has come at the rate of about once per week throughout Donald’s presidency. Why would this week be different than most of those of the past four years? It will likely get worse once Donald has no power.

Maybe there is a major bond default. Maybe the Russian pee tape comes out. Still, there are some who cling to the deck of Donald’s ship. 

If I was Donald I would pardon my children without delay. I would pardon myself as well … yet I do not think even that will help with what is coming Donald’s way. 

If I was Pence right now I would be asking Jesus about the 25th Amendment.

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