Friday, November 13, 2020

Biden Wins

                                                                                                                 [Image Credit: GettyImages]

A man who cannot tell the truth should never be heralded as the leader. Thus it was a happy day for me to see Donald fired.

Instead, America elected an old white guy (78 next week), member of the old establishment, career hack politician, known plagiarist, champion of credit card companies in his home state of Delaware. 

I have zero enthusiasm for Biden/Harris, they are not agents of change. I thought it a cosmic accident that Chase logo and words Chase Center loomed above their Saturday night victory celebration. Such told everyone the corporatocracy is alive and well - and to be clear - it makes no difference if it is the blues or the reds who are in charge.

I honestly have no clue how this country will heal. Our country has been stolen from us and they have pitted against each other. I believe the current divide is policy-by-design: divide the country and the corporations will make off like bandits. 

I wonder if healing the blue/red divide is even possible. There are no simple, fix-all answers. Answers will only come one at a time - and in as many ways as there are people - and if people cannot learn to respect other people - then there is not much hope for people.

History is rich with lessons about what happens to divided societies. We need to find a way to come to peace or there will be no making America great again. 

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