Business Letters That Get Results

Dear Reader:

Fresh out of college in 1981 I was seeking a position with a real estate developer in San Diego. The American economy was struggling, interest rates were at 21 percent, the real estate market was comatose and new construction was at a standstill. Nobody was hiring.

Undeterred I chose the firm I most wanted to work for and sent the CEO a telegram informing him that I was hiring myself and that I would report for work the following Monday at 9am. To even my own surprise his COO called me within two hours and commended me for my chutzpah. Though the story was the same - not hiring - I learned that I could open almost any door and that words are my gift. 

I have assisted people in getting audiences with CEOs, filmmakers, financiers, celebrities and politicians. Is there someone that you want to meet? Or interview with? Is there a company that you would like to sell your products or services to? Are you looking to raise money for your business endeavor?

My letters get results.

I offer a free 15-minute consultation. You tell me the circumstances, I will let know you if I can help.


Robert M. Hamburger

“Robert’s grammar skills are uncommon in today’s text messaging society of abbreviated and un-nuanced expression. He is a business writer of the highest caliber, able to compellingly convey ideas and provoke the desired response with clear and convincing language. His message is consistently stylistically interesting yet easy to understand.”  
–Matthew S. Finberg, Esq.; Boulder, Colorado

“Robert Hamburger and my former company targeted ten Fortune 500 companies with which we wanted to do business. Robert wrote letters that we affectionately called CEO love letters. We got in eight of the ten doors.” 
--Michael Higgins, CEO; Financial Decision Maker, Inc; Boulder, Colorado

“Hamburger combines an out of the ordinary comprehension of the bigger picture with superb knowledge of the effective details of operating in commerce. Regardless of the depth or immensity of the matter, he knows how to get and stay in honor in any process; and, his letters reflect this.”  
--Sam Bouman; Ashland, Oregon

“Hamburger has perfected the letter version of a 15-second elevator 
--B. Seymour; New York, New York

“In 2017 a hospital improperly billed my insurance and my insurance company refused to pay the claim. The hospital then pursued me for these erroneous charges. I asked Robert to write a letter seeking a proactive resolution of the dispute. I had a favorable outcome thanks in great part to his words.” 
--name withheld; Denver, Colorado

“If you are seeking results aligned with your intentions Hamburger has elevated the fine art of skillful letter writing to that of rock star status.” 
--Bud Wilson; Louisville, Colorado