Monday, October 29, 2018

A voice from a mountaintop

                                                                           [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

I am ashamed of my country. 2018 America is a disgrace. The United States is anything but united. Hatred is everywhere. The divisions between us are beyond disheartening. We are a divided nationand as we are divided we crumble from within.

The rot starts at the top. When campaigning for president Donald Trump claimed he would be the great uniter. Nothing has been further than truth … aside from all his other lies. Just last week Trump praised the Montana candidate who body slammed a reporter. Trump was speaking to the one of the lowest common denominators of human behavior and his audience can be seen cheering in the background. Who are these people? Since when does my country support such overt sluggishness?

The president of the United States a narcissistic, p-ssy-grabbing, founder of a fake university who has had nary an honest dealing with anyone.

He is a man who bankrupted company after company while shamelessly enriching himself along the way. He is a hypocritical, unscrupulous, manipulative, pugnacious bully. It is repulsive the way he incites hatred and violence. I still shudder when I remember Trump’s mocking of the disabled NY Times reporter. When it comes to women the I have words for Trump I choose to not to share in the this post. 

Trump embarrasses himself almost every day - and as Trump embarrasses himself, so too does he embarrass all of us.

On the campaign trail Trump told us our economy was in shambles. He promised he would make America great again. 

20 months later he claims he has been a wild success - the economy is the best ever in history.

Really Donald? What has changed? Your claim is not true for 99% of us. The Americans I know are not better off and they are getting more scared with each passing day.

Have you drained the swamp yet? 

Our county is insolvent. Debt suffocates us. Our future is effectively mortgaged. The country was in debt to the tune of $19.9 trillion when he took office. Now the debt stands at $21.7 trillion - an increase of nearly 10% in 20 months. Meanwhile, most every weekend Donald Trump spends MILLIONS in taxpayer money heading to one of his golf resorts. 

This man has zero decency.

Trump disgraces himself almost every day - and as Trump disgraces himself, so too does he disgrace all of us.

Where is the outrage?

I’ll tell you where the outrage is - it’s being kept in check by Fox News. Even after Trump committed treason before the world in Helsinki, Fox helped Trump spin his way out of that one. 

Tragically, people believe what the network tells them to believe - no matter how preposterous - and they question no further. 

To his supporters I ask, what is there to like about this man? He is a pathological liar. He moronically repeats himself. He speaks about himself non-stop and always of how great he is. 

Trump is ill. You heard me right, Trump is ill.

Trump humiliates himself almost every day - and as Trump humiliates himself, so too does he humiliate all of us.

Still, some in America support this man.

Would you want your daughter to date such a man? Would you want this man to be your spiritual advisor? Would you sign a contract with this man and be confident that he would honor it? Suppose he was your neighbor? 

I’ll tell you what: I suggest that if Donald was your neighbor there would likely a lawsuit against you.

It matters not if Trump supports one of your most cherished issues, the damage he is doing is not worth it!

Trump brings himself dishonor almost every day - and as Trump brings dishonor to himself so too does he bring dishonor to all of us.

My appeal today is to those who watch Fox News - PLEASE TURN IT OFF.

Next week, I urge you to vote and to vote for a candidate from any party other than Republican Party. Republicans have not demonstrated that they have the spines to stand up to the deceit coming from the White House.

We deserve better than what we have. 

Still, changes will not come overnight. Nor will change come easily.

Having said that and in the meantime, the farce of the Trump presidency must to be brought to a end. I urge all you - with all of my heart - to - at very least - bring back some semblance of balance to the Congress in the coming election. Vote for an independent, or a green, or a libertarian, or a democrat. 

Let us bring an end to this dangerous chapter in America NOW.